Jul 222009

When you email a photo using Picasa, the file is resized to something that is compatible with email.  Same thing when you upload a picture to a Web Album, the file is automatically resized to something appropriate for uploading to the web. (Member Tutorial Video: Upload Photos to the Web)

What if you just need photos resized for including in some other program?  Powerpoint, or Word, for example. You use the Export button for that.  Just select the picture, or pictures (as many as you want), that you want to resize and click the Export button.  You will have the option to specify a location and a size for the exported pictures.(Member Tutorial Video: Exporting Pictures for Use in Another Program)


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  5 Responses to “Resizing Photo Files”

  1. how anyway use api to upload into picasa album and resize auto

  2. Is it just me? When I click on one of your (member) topics above, it takes me to the home menu for the members site, not the specific topic I wanted… then I have to search for it again.

    • Yeah, not just you … sorry. It’s because this article was written before the new Geeks on Tour site. It’s on my list to re-do all links so that they can go direct to specific topics … but that’s going to be quite a while before that gets done.
      Right now, all Picasa tutorials are in an auto-play ‘theatre’ screen. So one page, http://geeksontour.tv/learning-library/picasa-learning-series/ has all the videos listed. YOu should be able to go straight there and find the one you’re looking for pretty easily.

  3. I’ve run into an error message from Blogger that says I have run out of storage space. I’ve exceeded the 1GB free limit. Instead of buying new space, I want to instead just resize all my images to 640 max width. They are all currently uploaded to about 2400!! But doing this picture by picture is time consuming. Is there a way to batch resize them in Picasa? I know how to batch resize them in Picasa, by selecting all and then exporting into a folder. But all that does is put a copy of the resized image in a folder for me. It doesn’t replace the original one that is on my blog, to the resized image.
    Any tips on this?

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