We love what we do. We love using computers and showing other people how to use them too. It’s important for us to know that we’re reaching people, opening their eyes to computer results they didn’t think possible and easing the frustration of learning.
Nothing is more important to us than hearing comments like these:

Chris, thank you very much for the Picasa tip to sharpen photos….it always look so easy after you explain it, with video…..thanks again…Marty

Chris- Just joined and have reviewed all of your Picasa tutorials. You are the best!! You don’t go too fast and your explanations are perfect. And you have a lovely speaking voice. You have no competion. I HAVE PASSED THE NAME OF YOUR SITE ON TO MY FRIENDS. Still have not full perused the site.

I got your Picasa3 cdrom in the mail yesterday. The content is great!
I also like the simple, straightforward user interface (video choices on the left column). Well worth the price. My parents have been emailing 8 MB .bmp attachments for nearly 10 years. With Picasa and your videos to guide them, my parents will have access to a whole new world in digital pictures. Also, no more 8 MB .bmp attachments will be nice for everybody. Thanks for making this available, and available at a reasonable price.

Thanks for your help so far with Picasa, it is only one of the reasons we joined. You both do a great job of explaining computer-ease. I found your explanations easy to follow and at my level – that sometimes is very hard to do for those who understand and know computers well. Your tutorial screens are very understandable, I usually get it the first time around and actually remembered many items from the seminar in St. Paul.
You’ll be hearing from me a lot in the future. Thanks again. Nancy

April 30, 2009
Your seminars at The Rally 2009 rate up there with our hot air ballon ride as the high points of the week!
Harold and Roberta

Thank you, I have already enjoyed the Picasa videos, in fact I was up 2.00am today and loved it, so many things I have not been able to pick up easily, Thanks again Della

Thanks, Chris. I’ve learned more from you guys in two months than many, many books have taught me in two years!!! Howard

April 18, 2009
Had to thank you two for your great instruction at The Rally. I learned so much! I have my own blog now and even posted several photos via a Picasa web album that I made. (I never dreamed I’d be smart enough to actually have a blog!!!)
from her blog: http://roadtrip247.blogspot.com/

Thank you, Geeks On Tour for teaching me how to blog. (And in only an hour and a half! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?) Now I can begin writing about our RV travels and our beautiful granddaughters – Lucie and Sylvia – will be able to read about us whenever they want to.
Connie C

April 23, 2009
You two did a superb job on the presentations at “The Rally”. Keep up the good work on “real world” applications for “real world” people. Joseph G

March 31, 2009
Jim and Chris: We attended 4 of your seminars at Perry and were so impressed that I posted your welcome letter on our clubs web site. Thanks again for all we learned. John and Carroll

I just finished your tutorial on adding a live map to your blog. It was so much more heplful than anyone I’ve viewed. thanks. I have a two column blog spot blog like the one you used in the map tutorial RV having fun one. Julie

From an attendee of our Blog seminar at the FMCA convention, and member:

I am proud to announce that a blog was born today. (as if we needed another one). If you are interested in taking a look at it, the web address is:


… I have already edited that first post by adding a map of my itinerary. I am excited! Thanks for all of your help and good instruction.

Many thanks to Geeks on Tour:
With the help of your tutorials, I finally got the gumption to start my blog. It’s titled, not so originally, boondockingblogger. Since I boondock and stay a few months in place, I wanted to avoid giving the impression that I’m constantly on the road. Been there, done that. It will be incorporated later as a travelogue. Now, a couple weeks short of 70, and traveling alone, I’m less fond of adventure. Still, family and friends wanted to hear of my past adventures and find out where I’m at, so a blog was ideal. It’s a work in progress and I enjoy it immensely. Again, many thanks.
Ghislaine, aka Stargazer


Hi Jim & Chris (and Odie),
Just got my membership and must thank you for your wonderful videos. They are so easy to follow that I decided to get my own blogs (one in English, the other in French) following your instructions.
… Before leaving Alberta, I had planned on having a website as a way to make new contacts and keep in touch. Problem is that I had NO IDEA how to design and organize one. Thanks to your clear instructions, I am no longer intimidated by the task. Thank you so very much.


Aloha! I don’t know which I am more excited about….Picasa 3 or your awesome tips. Your teaching method is clear and easy to understand, and being able to see it in action makes all the difference in the world. Text books can be tough to learn from.We live on the Big Island of Hawaii and don’t suppose you’ll be driving this way anytime soon, but let us know if you do.

Thanks for the tip;

Wonderful. It’s amazing what can be done when you know the right buttons to push. Hope to meet you in person some day. You are such a big help. Greatly appreciated.


I got off to a very late start in life trying to use a PC. The last Tutorials I bought from you on CD, taught me to do simple things, such as CUT, COPY, PASTE, or post Links. I have also gotten a lot of very useful information from your website. And I can hardly wait to look forward to each new e-mail.
I am still interested in becoming a Member in order to watch all your tutorials online.

Dan and Jill

I joined because of computer problems my friends were unable to help me with. (Solved the problem, once I could view the needed video) THANKS!
I really appreciate having a site, full of such advanced computer information. I know I will have questions in the future and now have a place where help is available right from my easy chair.
Thanks for keeping in touch. Enjoy the Florida sunshine; it is snowing here this morning. (can’t believe you are from Alaska) Love that part of your country.