About Geeks on Tour


Technology makes our life possible. We have made our living as Computer professionals since the early 80s. Now, we live in a motorhome and travel the country. With WiFi and Satellite Internet, computers and cell phones, we can run a business from anywhere.

Computer Education for Travelers

Computer Education for Travelers
That is our primary business. We offer education thru seminars presented at rallies and conventions as well as Tutorial Videos on our website: GeeksOnTour.TV. These videos can be viewed online by becoming a member, or can be purchased on USB “thumb” drive.

For nearly two years of our travels we worked for a company who installed WiFi hotspots in RV parks. We visited over 60 RV parks in a support role. We presented seminars and visited users one-on-one. We learned a LOT about what works and what doesn’t with WiFi.

We’ve been keeping a personal Blog about our journey at www.geeksontour.blogspot.com.

We take thousands of pictures as we travel and we use Picasa to manage them all.  This site is where we post our tips about using Picasa.