Oct 102013
Speech Bubble with WebDings font

Speech Bubble with WebDings font

Longtime Geeks on Tour member Sue Hepler, posted a message on our forum about Adding a Conversation Bubble with Text.  I thought it was such a good idea, I told her I’d use it as this week’s tip.  If you’ve ever used Creative Kit to add a speech bubble and despair because Creative Kit is gone … this tip’s for you!

The Webdings Font

That big, black speech bubble you see in the picture at right is actually the right parenthesis character – ) – formatted in the Webdings font and resized to be very big!

Then, just click somewhere else on the picture and type the words you want in the speech bubble – making sure to format them in a normal font like Arial.  Color it white and move it on top of the speech bubble.

If you’re on a Mac and you don’t see the Webdings font, you can turn it on in your Font Library.

How about Arrows?

Another example is pointing to something in your picture with an arrow.  Here is a previous Tip about Pointers on Pictures.  That article includes some more detail on how to find these special picture characters.

Geeks on Tour members can learn more about adding text to pictures with this Tutorial Video:

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