Aug 122009

The following tip is taken directly from our brand new Booklet, Beginner’s Guide to Picasa. You can have the whole printed booklet, for $34.00(shipping included) including the tutorial videos on a DVD. Order Here.

Shrink to Fit:You might notice a white border that you don’t like. This happens when a photo has been cropped to a size which doesn’t match the ratio of the print size. (see ‘Cropping’ earlier in this booklet). You can change the setting from ‘Shrink to Fit’ to ‘Crop to Fit.’ (Tutorial Video: Basic Edits)


Crop to Fit: For some photos, crop to fit will work fine, but watch out for what is being cropped. In this example photo, it doesn’t work – it needs to be set to ‘Shrink to Fit.’


In either case, Picasa is showing you exactly what you’re going to get from the printer – a wonderful feature.

Printing captions on borders: From the Print screen, click on Border and Text Options and you will see the following screen:(Tutorial Video: Printing Photos)


In the Caption area, choose Captions and Below Image and this will print your picture’s caption in the white border below the picture.

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