Feb 182011

I belong to a club that has a lot of pictures of club events.  I’ll bet a lot of you do too!  There is one designated club photographer, but she isn’t always able to be at all events.  And, at some events, it seems like everyone is taking pictures!  How can we let everyone contribute their pictures to one central club web album?

It’s actually quite easy!

Invite People to Share and Contribute Photos

One person has to get the album started, logged in as the owner of the Web Albums.  That person clicks on Share and enters the email addresses of everyone who has pictures to contribute.  If the box is checked for ‘Let people I share with contribute photos’ then, those people will be able to upload photos to that album even though they aren’t the owner of that album.  They are contributors.


Contributors must have a Google Account

There’s one key to making this work right.

  1. The contributors must have a Google account,
  2. and that must be the email address that was used for sharing.

So, in the example above, if dadams@lazyacres.com does have a Google account but it uses the email address dadams@gmail.com, then the invitation must be addressed to dadams@gmail.com.  Note: Not all Google accounts use @gmail.com, but all @gmail.com addresses are also Google accounts.

Contributors with Picasa

If the contributors also use Picasa, then the process is just like uploading to their own Picasa Web Albums.  You must be logged in to your own account – just like you would be to upload to your own albums. Simply select the picture or pictures to be uploaded and click Upload.  You will see the normal “Upload to Picasa Web Albums” dialog box, but when you click on the dropdown arrow under ”Upload to this album:”, you will see options to contribute to a friend’s album.  Simply click the shared album you want and click Upload.


Contributors without Picasa

If they don’t use Picasa on their computer, then contributors need go to the web album in question using their browser.  They still need a Google account for this to work … you can tell if you’re signed in by looking at the upper right corner of the screen.  If you’re logged in you will see your email address and links to ‘My Account’ and ‘Sign Out.’  If you’re not logged in, you will see a link to ‘Sign In.’

If a contributor is viewing the shared album, and is signed in, they will see a new link above the album for ‘Add Photos’


Next you will see a form to browse to your computer and select the photos you want to upload.  Click Upload, and you’re done.

So tell everyone in your group to take those pictures! Then they can share them with the group all in one Web Album.  Note: only the owner of the web album can delete pictures.

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