Where Do Screenshots Go?

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Jul 062011

Picasa’s ability to take and instantly save screenshots is one of my favorite features.  I use it daily, and I’ve taught many other people about the uses for screen captures,  like posting a screenshot to illustrate a question you post in our forum.  Recently I’ve received quite a few questions, ‘Where did my screenshot go?  I can’t find it anywhere.’

When you press the PrtSc key and Picasa is open, Picasa instantly saves the resulting .bmp file in the Project folder called Screen Captures.  Since it is creating and saving this file for you, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to specify a location.


BUT … you only see that ‘Projects’ collection if you’re in Flat Folder view.  In Tree view, you need to find a folder named ‘Picasa’ and under that will be ‘Screen Captures.’  All this has been covered in previous articles (just search for ‘Projects’.)  But what if you still can’t find your screen captures folder?

Search for ‘capture’

The folder is automatically named ‘Screen Captures’ and the individual files created are named ‘Fullscreen Capture …’ So, a search for ‘capture’ should certainly turn them up.

Click to View

You have to be quick for this one, but by far the easiest way to find a screen capture file is immediately after the capture is taken.  You will see the little notification box in the lower right corner.  You see this notice any time a picture is found and indexed by Picasa.  If you look closely, you’ll see a message that reads, “click to view.’  It means exactly what it says, click there and you will be taken straight to the picture where you can then edit it, email it, upload it, rename it, move it, or anything else you may want to do.  The message box disappears after a few seconds, so be quick!


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