Feb 052010

Q: I was just trying out something new with Picasa web albums but didn’t realize that they would be available for all to see via the web. Could you please tell me how do I delete them from the web albums please.

A: I know a lot of people have this question, so let’s take a look.

Log In to your Web Album

First you must be logged in to your Picasa Web Albums.  Just go to www.picasaweb.google.com/yourusername and make sure you are logged in.  If you are, you will see your email address appear on the top row – over towards the right of the screen.  If you’re not logged in you will see a link to ‘Sign In’ at the top right.

Delete an Album

Now, you should be seeing all your Albums.  Click on the album you want to delete.  Click on the Edit menu and then Delete Album.


Delete a Picture

If instead, you only wanted to delete a picture or two, then just click on the picture first.  Now when you click on the Edit menu, you will have a choice to Delete picture.

Don’t Delete – Make it Private

From the original question, it sounds like you may actually have wanted the Album to stay – you just don’t want everyone to be able to see it.  For that, you can click the Edit menu and choose Album properties.and then Permissions.  You will see an option for Share: Public, Unlisted, Sign-in required to view.  If you choose Unlisted, then anyone visiting your web albums page will simply not see that album.  When you’re logged in, you will see the album and it will show a little lock on it to indicate that it is private.  You can share (click the little envelope icon) a private album with anyone you choose, but the public won’t see it.