Dec 222012

IMG_2063I’ve enjoyed taking pictures since long before digital photography came along, and I used to pride myself on the fact that I would notice when a vertical composition was best.  You would see me turn my camera to capture the ‘portrait’ layout of a picture almost as often as I would hold the camera normally to take the ‘landscape’ version.

After a few years of taking digital photographs, and displaying them primarily on computer screens, I almost never use the vertical, ‘portrait’ layout.  It’s not because I object to having to rotate them; Picasa sees the camera information about rotating and does that for me automatically.

Viewing a landscape and portrait photo using Windows Explorer, the portrait version will appear sideways:

Viewing the same photos using Picasa, and it will automatically rotate the portrait photo following the embedded information from the camera:

Vertical Pictures don’t Fit on Computer Screens

I try not to take pictures vertically because they leave so much wasted space on the computer screen.  This is especially noticeable in slideshows.  Watch the following slideshow and notice how tiny the vertical photos appear:


To see how to make a slideshow like this, here’s the article: Putting a Picasa Web Albums Slideshow into a Website or a Blog.

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