Jun 282012

One of the great features about sharing your photos with Picasa Web Albums has been the ability to simply send your friends a link to your album and they can view a slideshow of your photos.  Then Google added Google+ as the preferred way to view your photos … see this past article: What Happened to Picasa Web Albums?  There are some nice new features like online photo editing, automatic cell phone uploads, and unlimited storage, but one missing feature was simply unacceptable to many – the ability to view your pictures full-screen in a slideshow.

Good News!  Google+ Now has Slideshow!

When you’re viewing a photo album in Google+, you need to click on one picture.  When you’re viewing that one picture, you will see a slideshow option in the lower left.  If you click on the image below, it will take you to my photo album so you can try the slideshow feature.

1-Fullscreen capture 6282012 91911 AM.bmp

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