Mar 302011

imageI’ve been using both Picasa and Blogger for over 8 years now, and yet, I’ve *never* used the BlogThis! button in Picasa.  Many people have wondered why I have such a blatant hole in my teaching of Picasa – I cover every button on Picasa’s bottom button bar *except* BlogThis!  The reason is because the BlogThis! button has always been limited to a total of 4 pictures.  I rarely have so few pictures in my blog posts, so I didn’t use that feature.

Limit of 4 Now Expanded to 20

I now see a notice in the Picasa Help Center dated 3/20/11 that claims you can post up to 20 photos at a time to Blogger directly from Picasa.  Woo Hoo!! I tried it and, sure enough, I could select way more than 4 and, when I clicked the BlogThis! button it takes me straight to Blogger, stopping to ask which blog I want to work on, and presents a large orange ‘Continue’ button.  Clicking continue takes me to a special Blogger post editor – it’s not the normal editor but pretty close.  All the pictures are there!  All I have to do now is write some words around the pictures, give the post a title, and click Publish.  The only thing lacking is captions – the Picasa captions get lost in the upload.

This is soo easy.  If you use Picasa and Blogger, now is the time to revisit the BlogThis!  button.  I see from the forums that the button is not working correctly for some folks. The culprit seems to be if you are using Blogger in Draft.  Also, know that Blogger has made it much easier to insert pictures from Picasa Web Albums as well.  So, if you can’t use Blog This!  Just upload to a Web Album.  Then, in Blogger, click the insert image button and one of your options will be ‘From Picasa Web Albums.’  Also quite simple.

Try it and comment here to let us know how it worked for you.

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