Apr 012009

Ever wondered how people (like me) are able to show you a picture of how their computer screen looks at any given time?  Like this screenshot of Picasa:

Screenshot 2014-09-15 10.26.01

Or maybe you do already know about the ‘PrtScn’ key on your keyboard that will take a snapshot of your screen.  But then what?  Pressing the PrtScn key captures everything on your screen and puts it on your clip board, the same place any ‘Cut’ or ‘Copy’ text or objects go.  Then, you still have to open some application where you can ‘Paste’ it before you see anything.  It’s a rather involved process.

With Picasa 3, you get instant gratification!  With Picasa open, you can view any screen possible on your computer – your desktop, your email program – whatever is showing on your screen will be captured when you press the PrtScn (or Print Screen on some computers) *and* it will instantly become a picture file in the ‘Screen Captures’ project folder of Picasa!

Now you can use that picture like any other, crop it, print it, email it etc

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