Apr 142009

Question:  “I am new at Picasa 3. I have viewed your tutorials on the Basic editing.  I spent several hours adjusting my pictures on the computer.  This included cropping, light etc.  As advised in the tutorial, I would check apply and go back to library without saving.  When I went to close out of Picasa, I got the following message, “Closing Picasa will cancel unfinished operations. Do you really want to close? Yes or No”.

Now I am afraid of closing and losing the work I did.  What do I do – close and don’t worry – go back and save each one individually?  Help?  “

Answer:  The message you’re getting has nothing to do with the edits to individual photos.  It’s referring to other processes that you began and didn’t close … like importing photos from your camera, … or making a collage.

Look at the top part of your screen and see if you see multiple tabs:


Usually, when you complete an import, or a collage – these tabs close, and we never even notice they appeared in the first place.  When they get left over like this … just click on the tab to be sure there is nothing there that you do need to finish … then you can close the tab by clicking on the little x at the right side of it.

In any case, you can close Picasa without any worries about losing the work done on your photos.

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