May 162011

Q: I received an email with pictures in it.  I want to save them on my computer and view them using Picasa but can’t seem to do it.  I am a Geeks on Tour Member and have watched the Tutorial Video on saving emailed pictures, but it assumes the picture is an attachment, the email I received doesn’t have attachments, I just see the pictures.  Can you help?

Ahhh … that means that the sender ’embedded’ the picture in the email rather than attaching it. Most email programs can’t do this – pictures are always an attachment – but some, like Outlook, or AOL mail can use the embed method.  So, they really didn’t send you the picture, they just let you see it inside an email.  Sometimes you can right-click on pictures sent this way and Save Picture, sometimes not depending on the software that sent it.

Anything you Can See on your Screen can be Captured


If you can’t download or Save As – then your only option is a screenshot.  Picasa can help with this.  Just press the PrtScrn key on your keyboard with Picasa open and everything on your screen (the email and embedded photo) will be captured as a picture seen by Picasa.  You’ll find it in the ‘Screen Captures’ Project area in Picasa.  Note: you must be in Flat Folder View to see the ‘Projects’ collection.


Then you can crop it to just the picture.  It will be very low resolution, but that’s all you can do.  See this article: Picasa Tip: Screen Captures

Best solution – contact the sender and ask them to resend you the picture as an attachment.  Or, better yet, if the sender uses Picasa, ask them to upload to a Web Album and share it with you!

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