Jul 312013

recycleWe’re worried about you deleting your pictures unintentionally!  We think this is the biggest mistake you can make with your pictures.  We’ve seen grown men cry when they realize their pictures are gone.  Imagine learning that it was your fault!  If you haven’t already taken our quiz, and you’d like to test your own knowledge before reading this article, you can take our Picasa Quiz #1 here.

The majority of people who took our Picasa Quiz got the wrong answer when asked about deleting pictures.  Here’s the question:


If you take a look at the results, you’ll find that 57% of the respondents answered d. You’ve only deleted the Picasa copy, your original is still on your computer.  710 people have taken the quiz to date, that means 404 people (that we know of) are in danger of accidentally deleting their pictures because they believe that they are only deleting ‘Picasa’s copy.’ 

If you answered D, you’re wrong! 

Picasa does not have an extra copy of your pictures.  Picasa is not a container.   When you first installed Picasa, there was a message that we emphasize in our classes, “Scanning for pictures never moves or copies files to new locations.  You can choose which folders are displayed by Picasa using the Folder Manager tool (available from the Tools menu)”

Picasa is your faithful servant, doing whatever you ask to the pictures on your computer.  If you ask Picasa to delete a picture, it DELETES THAT PICTURE FROM YOUR COMPUTER.  Just as if you had seen the picture listed in Windows Explorer, or Macintosh Finder, and deleted it yourself. 

Everybody reading this, I want you to do something right now.  I want you to open Picasa, click on a picture and then press the Delete key on your computer.  You should see this warning message:


If you now click on the ‘Delete Image’ button, your selected picture(s) will be deleted from your computer (so please press ‘Cancel’ this time!) ) If, at any time you have checked the box for ‘Don’t ask again …’ your pictures will be deleted immediately upon pressing the delete button. 

In case you don’t understand the ‘Recycle Bin’ concept, here’s an explanation: in both Windows and Macintosh, whenever an item is deleted from the computer, it is sent to the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Macintosh).  It stays there until such time as you empty your trash/recycle bin.  This is just a standard operation of your computer, it has nothing to do with Picasa.  In any case, the picture has been deleted from it’s location and you will not be able to see it using Picasa or My Pictures, or any other photo management program.  It’s gone.  Unless you manually open your trash/recycle bin and use the Restore command to get it back.

Where to Learn More …

 Geeks on Tour includes over 80 different Tutorial Videos just on Picasa.  We also have a discussion forum and we’ve added a topic which discusses this quiz.  If you view this topic, you will  learn which Videos teach the answers.  We’ve included notations for which videos require a membership and which are free for all to view.