Dec 292009

Picasa’s collage tool can allow you to be very creative.  One thing it can do is to frame your picture.  If you just want a single color frame, you can

  1. choose one picture,
  2. click Collage,
  3. choose the ‘Picture Pile’ style of collage
  4. Set the background color – this will be your ‘frame’
  5. Arrange and size the picture for the best fit
  6. Create Collage
  7. Now you can crop it if you need to even off the frame

If you want to have a double frame – two different colored borders framing your picture – you need to get even more creative.  I use the technique in a recent tip about Cover Slides and Collages to create the second frame.  The video below shows you how I do it.  If this video is a bit advanced for you, here are other videos that show you how to do everything involved:

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