Dec 232008

Question: I want a header on my blog that’s like yours – multiple pictures across the screen – but Blogger only allows me to put in one photo. How do you make a photo that combines several photos into a banner like that?

Blog header with multiple photos

Answer: Until recently you had to have special photo editing software like Photoshop, or Fireworks. But, now, you can do it quite easily with Picasa 3.

First step is to select the photos you want on your banner. When they are all collected in the selection tray, click the collage button. Make sure to select the ‘Picture Pile’ type of collage so you can drag the photos into just the right order. A collage is normally a standard print or paper size, but in this case we want it to be a banner, so line up your photos anywhere on the page.

Our Geeks On Tour Classroom has a free video on how to make collages.


When you finish and close your collage, you have a new picture. Next is to crop it, using the ‘manual’ size setting, into a banner, short and wide. And last is to Export it to the width required by Blogger, I believe that was 750. GOT Class Members can view a video on how to add a banner photo to blogger.

Here’s the final banner. It’s SOO easy!


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