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I’ve written (and said on video) many times that, when I import pictures from my camera, I like to Import All into a folder for the current month.  Two points to be made here:

  1. Import All: It’s just a one-click, no choices method.  This way, I know that I’m getting all the pictures from my camera card – I can delete any bad ones later in Picasa.  If instead, I selected photos to import into separate folders, I may miss some pictures by accident.  Also, after importing all, I let Picasa delete them from the card.  This way I always have a fresh card for use in my camera.
  2. One folder per month: my first import at the beginning of each month requires me to make a new folder.  I just enter 201002 (Feb 2010) in the place for folder name.  Every subsequent import, I just use the drop-down list to select an existing folder for ‘Import To:’  It remembers the previous folders I have used.

But, not everyone wants to use my system … they may have their own system – go figure!  Many people like to have their photos in folders by individual date – sounds like *way* too many folders to me, but to each his own  :-).  The latest version of Picasa can do this for you automatically, just click on the drop-down by ‘Folder title:’ and choose ‘Date Taken’ – that will automatically create folders for each date on your photos and import the photos into their respective folder:

Make New Folders after you Import

Sometimes I do want specific folders other than my main, monthly folder.  After I import my photos, I will select the one(s) I want in a new folder, right click and choose ‘Move to New Folder.’  Clicking on ‘Move to New Folder’ accomplishes two things, 1)it creates the new folder and 2)it moves the selected photos into it.  After that first step, you can now drag other photos into that same folder.

New Video on Importing with Picasa 3.5/6:

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