Picasa and Your Pictures Quiz … Answers


These are the answers to the Picasa and Your Pictures Quiz.

You can take the quiz at Picasa and Your Pictures Quiz

We’ve started a discussion of this quiz on our members Forum.  We’ve included links to all the tutorial videos that pertain to the quiz.

  1. If you use Picasa to work with your pictures, what would happen to your pictures if you uninstalled the Picasa program from your computer
    a. They would be gone from your computer, but copies would be on the Picasa website
    →b. Nothing
    c. They would all be deleted along with the Picasa software.
    d. They would all be on your computer in a folder named Picasa.
  2. Picasa’s ‘Library’ can display pictures from what location(s)?
    a. Only from the My Pictures folder.
    →b. From any folder on your computer or attached drives.
    c. From the Picasa website
    d. Only from the Picasa folder
  3. What Picasa command is used to designate the folders of pictures to be displayed?
    →a. Tools -> Folder Manager
    b. There is no command to designate the folders of pictures to be displayed in Picasa.
    c. Create->Folders
    d. Folder->Organize
    e. View->Files
  4. When you open Picasa for the first time, it copies all your Pictures into a Picasa folder.
  5. The purpose of Folder Manager is to:
    a. Move Folders
    b. Make new folders in Picasa
    →c. Tell Picasa which folders contain your pictures
    d. Tell Picasa which folders to upload to Picasa Web Albums
  6. If you delete pictures using Picasa …
    a. They are still on the Picasa website.
    b. They have been moved from the Picasa folder to the My Pictures folder.
    →c. You have deleted them from your computer.
    d. You’ve only deleted the Picasa copy, your original is still on your computer.
  7. You see a folder full of pictures in Picasa’s Library and you don’t recognize them.  They are coming from somewhere other than My Pictures on your computer and you don’t want to see them in Picasa.  What do you do?
    a. Delete the folder of pictures from your computer
    b. Put the pictures in an Album instead of a Folder
    c. Move the folder of pictures to an external hard drive
    →d. Use Folder Manager to remove the folder from Picasa
  8. Using Picasa’s Backup command:
    a. Should be done every day.
    b. Makes copies of your pictures onto your computer.
    →c. Makes copies of your pictures onto an external disk or storage device.
    d. Isn’t necessary because your pictures are backed up automatically to the Picasa website.
  9. You don’t like how Picasa displays your folders in a single ‘Flat’ list.  How can you see the folders as you made them – with folders inside of other folders?
    →a. Click the button at the top for ‘Tree View’ or View->Folder View->Tree View
    b. You can’t.  Picasa is in control of your folders.
    c. Tools->Configure Folders
    d. Folder->Sort by->Parent Folder
  10. To make a New Folder using Picasa, do the following:
    a. Tools->Make New Folder
    b. You can’t.  This must be done with Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder
    c. Right-click the Folders collection and choose Create Blank Folder
    →d. Right click on a Picture and choose Move to New Folder

Be sure to visit the discussion about this quiz at the Geeks on Tour Forum.  You will find links there to Tutorial Videos about each question.


  15 Responses to “Picasa and Your Pictures Quiz … Answers”

  1. In question 6 you said that when you delete a picture it is deleted from the computer. I though you were given an option to delete from picasa or delete from disk.

  2. Well I learned something–making a new folder with picasa with right click. I didn’t see a way to designate where the new folder would appear, though. Can you only do that from Windows Explorer?

    Also, here’s one for your next quiz–Can you delete an empty folder using Picasa? Answer: No, if you move all the photos out of the folder, the empty folder disappears from Picasa but is still on your computer. You have to delete it from Windows Explorer.

    Thanks so much for all your Picasa tips!

  3. I’m embarrassed!!!’

  4. Hey Chris–
    This little quiz was a great idea. Made me feel good that I knew the answers. #8 though could have two answers as we should theoretically backup our photos daily when we use our cameras a lot. Thanks again for all you do. Your videos and training sessions are great. When will you be headed our way to Arizona??!!!

  5. Please view the forum post at Picasa Quiz for links to the tutorial videos that explain the concepts behind each question.

  6. I never knew what folder manager could do for me. I thought if I clicked on remove from Picasa that I would also delete from my computer. Can’t wait to get my Picasa all organized. Thanks.

  7. No. 4 was a trick question. 😉

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