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photosGoogle Photos is an app for both iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets. The way it works is that you use Google Photos instead of the native Gallery or Photos app that came with your device. You can set it up to backup all your photos to your Google account online, then, when using the App, you will see ALL your photos, not just the ones taken by that device.

Once you start using Google Photos, you will discover more fun with your photos than you ever imagined possible. We like Google Photos so much – no, we Love Google Photos – that we’ve devoted 3 of our smartphone learning webcasts to it. What Does This Button Do? is what we call our weekly YouTube show about learning smartphones and tablets. Here are the episodes that deal primarily with Google Photos.

In case you haven’t watched our weekly show before, they are broadcast LIVE on Sunday afternoons, then recorded to YouTube. Each show is about 45 minutes long and covers lots of learning for smartphone users. We cover a tip of the week, a beginners lesson, and an App of the week. The videos below are the 3 shows we’ve done so far that talk about Google Photos. We think you’ll learn a lot if you watch!

Aug 30 Show where we have fun with Google Photos



July 12 Show on What is Google Photos all About?

We discuss Google Photos with our good friend, Phil, in England.


June 14 Show about Getting Started with Google Photos Autobackup

  3 Responses to “If you have a Smartphone, you should use Google Photos”

  1. I am still confused with all of this. I assume my photographs would still be stored on my computer if I have them in my pictures folder on my iMac is that correct? If I had my photographs on my computer and in Google Photos does that mean if at some point Google discontinued it or they got hacked would that mean I would also lose my photos on my computer because they are all linked together?

  2. You don’t really need to ‘migrate.’ Just stop using iCloud Photos and start using Google Photos. You don’t even have to stop using iCloud Photos if you don’t want to. They are completely separate backup systems. You’ll have two backups!
    I am assuming you have all of your pictures on your computer somewhere? You just install the Google Photos AutoBackup software ( – desktop Uploader) and edit the settings to tell it where your photos are located. then, install Google Photos on each of your mobile devices and turn on autobackup. We have videos on all this at

  3. Your shows and this Newsletter have made a good case for Google Photos.
    I’m sure, though, that a lot of your followers use iPhones or iPads and had signed up for Apple’s iCloud Photos before Google Photos was launched.
    I pay for extra Apple storage but now Google Photos offers unlimited storage for free, plus Google Photos seems like fun.
    Can you (or anyone) suggest a way of migrating from Apple Photos to Google Photos?

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