Apr 172015

We have been getting lots of message like the one below lately:

I have tried to download PICASA and each time I get a message that it is not a safe site. Please advise.

Is Picasa Safe? YES, IF you get it from the official source.

Picasa is software for your computer made by Google. I have been using it for over 10 years. It is absolutely safe. The problem arises when people go to the wrong source and don’t read the fine print.  If you simply use Google, or Bing to Search for Picasa, you will get a listing something like this:


Problem with Unofficial Sites

Downloading from the ‘wrong’ sites listed above may be fine, but you have to read the fine print to be sure you’re not getting unwanted software tagging along. On one of them I see the following warning:

By clicking the button above you will get the software through a 3rd party ad supported download manager. We are not associated with Google. … Optional Software Included.  The download manager may present users with various software offers like the toolbar below, but none are required to be accepted in order to download the chosen software. …

Get Picasa from the Official Google Site

What you need to do is type Picasa.google.com into the address bar of your browser. Just typing Picasa.com will also work, you should notice that your browser automatically changes it to http://picasa.google.com


  3 Responses to “Is Picasa Safe?”

  1. I have had Picasa for well over 10 years! in the early days it was great! I have updated new versions when I purchased new computers! Perhaps not from correct sites….as it had not been acting properly since. Duplicating files….doing things I do not want done, and not doing what I expected it to do automatically.

    Can I download a new version…and start using it going forward. How do I do it?

    Is there any hope for my old sick Picassa? So hope I can get an answer as I love Picassa…but not at this time!

  2. I purchased my computer from Apple and they agreed to download Picasa for me. Is there anyway I can tell if they downloaded it from the correct site?

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