Mar 252015

imageIf the gallery on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet looks something like the image at right – with all the Picasa logos – you need to read this article.  A question I hear all the time these days is “Why do I see so many Picasa pictures in my phone’s gallery, and how do I get rid of them?” If your phone (or tablet) is a Samsung, the answer is very simple. Just tap the 3-dot menu, choose “Content to Display” and Uncheck Picasa.

We’ve also demonstrated this in our Quick Tips segment of our Weekly Show. Here’s the tip on turning off Picasa in your Gallery.

Picasa isn’t Picasa – Confused yet? You should know that those pictures are still on the Web in your Google account. It is now called Google+ Photos. It is not really “Picasa” since Picasa is software on your computer for managing pictures on your computer.  But, because the Web  Album portion used to be called Picasa Web Albums and it is a very recognizable logo – that is the icon used to indicate that these pictures are online. So, once you eliminate them from your Gallery, you can still see these pictures by using the Google+ App on your phone or tablet. We dedicated an hour-long  “What Does this Button Do?” show on Youtube to learning about Google+ Photos. Episode 19: Google+ Photos for Android and iPad.

If you are a Geeks On Tour Member, you also have a couple of shorter videos which cover the material:

  4 Responses to “How do I get rid of the Picasa Pictures on my Android Phone?”

  1. Superb……within a second I got rid from this prolonged irritating thing. Thanks.

  2. I have a Samsung Note 2. In Gallery (Photos), mine doesn’t look like the pic you show. In the top right hand corner it shows a picture of a camera. On the left I see the Gallery Icon an next to it is where I can select All, Albums, Time, Locations People Favorites and Spiral.

    Now what?

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