Feb 022015

Picasa's photo effectsWhen I saw this picture of my friend Sue, with a bright green Praying Mantis on her finger, I just had to get a copy and play with it using Picasa’s editing tools. Thanks Sue!

Notice how most of the picture is Black and White while the bug is bright green. Also notice how most of the picture is out of focus and the bug is quite sharp.

Here are the four simple Picasa tools I used to accomplish it:

This is the original picture.


Step One: Apply the Soft Focus effect from the 3d tab. Move the center of focus (crosshairs) to the bug.


Step two: Apply the Focal B&W effect (Also on the 3d tab) and also move the crosshairs to the little green guy.


Step Three: Click Sharpen (also on 3d Tab) and move slider to about the center to make the bug really sharp.


Step Four: Click the Boost tool (on the 5th tab) to brighten the green color. Drag the slider to about the 1/4 mark to back off the effect a bit.


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  One Response to “Fun with Picasa’s Photo Effects”

  1. Where can I get help making the photos on Picasa stop downloading over and over? This also happened several years ago.
    B. Turpin
    PS I am going to try what I just read to do on the bug. Cool idea!

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