Dec 222014

You may know that you can sort your pictures by date using Picasa’s Sort Order tools, but did you know that you can find pictures with a certain date? Let’s say you wanted to see what pictures you took on Christmas Day last year. Just search for 2013:12:25 and make sure to include the colons.


Behind the scenes, Picasa is indexing the picture dates in the format yyyy:mm:dd. So, if you make sure to use that same format in your search, you can search for pictures in any given year, month, or day.

  • 2012:   Would find all pictures taken in 2012
  • 2012:06:   Would find all pictures taken in June of 2012
  • 2012:06:13   Would find all pictures taken on June 13, 2012

  3 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Find Photos by Date”

  1. Excellent! Thanks so much. Trying to break free from the ghastly iphoto and this is a feature I thought picasa didn’t have. One more reason to switch.

  2. A great useful search idea. All dependent
    on the fact that your camera has been set to the right date
    Which records the correct date in the metadata of your photos.

    We teach a class in using digital cameras for beginners and the first
    Class activity is setting the date. It’s a hidden feature that many are not aware of.

    • Good point Barbara! Absolutely true. If it’s really important, you can change the date using Picasa’s Tools->Adjust Date and Time

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