Aug 082014

Computer Clubs are great ways to learn! We wanted to share with you how Google+ Hangouts on Air allows us to present a seminar remotely and then automatically have it recorded as a Youtube video.

As we travel the country in our RV, we often pass thru the corner of Iowa/Illinois referred to as the Quad Cities and we’ll give a live presentation to the Quad Cities Computer Society. We were there in June and presented a seminar we call “What is Cloud Computing” to the general meeting of the whole club. The people involved in the digital photography  SIG (special interest group) then wanted to know – “How do we use the Cloud for our photos with Picasa?” So we agreed to give a follow up seminar to their next monthly meeting where we would answer questions. The problem is that we would be a couple thousand miles away by then! So, we used Google+ Hangouts on Air to do the presentation. Since it is recorded, we can also share it with you! If you are interested in a Geeks on Tour presentation to your club, use the Contact Us form.

To watch the entire presentation will take you about an hour. I have gone thru it and marked the places where certain topics start so you can click on those links and get straight to the point.

  1. Watch the seminar starting at the beginning (well, actually, this starts after the few minutes of technical difficulties with sound.)
  2. Start at 7m22s:  Using Dropbox Camera Uploads
  3. Start at 15m37s: Autobackup Discussion
  4. Start at 29m38s: Question about Ordering Prints
  5. Start at 38m29s: Question about Making Movies with PIctures and Music
  6. Start at 43m16s: Question about Resizing Pictures
  7. Start at 56m23s: Demo of Picasa Web Albums vs. Google+ Photos


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  2 Responses to “Teaching Picasa to your Computer Club or Photo Group”

  1. Chris,

    Do you guys ever get over into the Valley of the Sun around Phoenix. We have stopped traveling fulltime and now have a winter home in Sun City. Would love to see if I could get our computer (PC) club to have you give a Picasa presentation if you get out this way. We have app. 1400 members with 3 fully equipped computer labs and the neat computer projectors that they use for a full range of classes that they offer the membership. What do you charge for something like that?

    Enjoy your blogs, I guess I just need to loosen the pocket book and pay for a subscription!


    Ron Butler
    Federal Way WA.-Sun City, AZ.

    • We do plan on being in Arizona this winter. We’d love to present to your group. We don’t charge for our presentation but we happily accept stipends from clubs who offer such. We do appreciate a place to park our rv, and the ability to sell books and memberships to the audience. To discuss this further, please use the contact us page on our site.

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