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imageIf you’ve been using Picasa Web Albums (PWA) for your online photo albums, you should install the Google+ App on your Apple or Android mobile device. Picasa Web Albums was made and owned by Google you see – they have now updated the technology and re-branded it as Google+ Photos, pronounced Google “Plus” Photos. By uploading your pictures to Google+ Photos OR Picasa Web Albums, and using the Google+ App on your phone or tablet, you will be able to view all the photos from your online albums using your mobile device.

People are always pulling out their smartphone to show friends pictures these days, but usually, those pictures are ones they took with that very same smartphone. Using the Google+ App, you’ll be able to show pictures taken with many different cameras if you’ve uploaded them to your Google account using Picasa.

The Logo for Picasa Web Albums
The Logo for Google+ Photos
Old icon
New icon

Any photos that you have uploaded to Picasa Web Albums OR Google+, are now viewable on Google+ Photos. To see your Google+ Photos albums on your smartphone or tablet, you need to install the Google+ App. There’s a lot more to Google+ than just photos, so you need to know how to navigate to your photo albums.

Google+ App

Photos is just a part of what the Google+ App offers. It includes a social network, and several communication tools (text messaging/phone calling/video teleconferencing), in addition to the photo library. When you first launch Google+ you will looking at the social network – kind of like Facebook. To see your photos, you need to use the menu. On smartphones and tablets, you should see 3 horizontal lines – they may be be very small – in the upper right corner. Click that to reveal the Google+ Menu. If you don’t see the 3 lines, see if your device has a menu button on the device itself.

g photos

Google+ on Phone

g photos-phone


Once you are in the Google+ Photos, there is another menu to let you see All your pictures, Highlights of your pictures, Auto-Awesome pictures (that Google+ created from your pictures) or Albums. If you want to see the pictures you have uploaded, in the way you uploaded them, choose Albums.

g photo-albums

You will now see, on your mobile device, the same albums that you can see using your computer. On the computer,Albums are under the More menu. Then to see the pictures, click on an Album.

g photos-computer

Benefits of using Google+ Photos over other photo sharing services:

  1. Unlimited photo storage for FREE. All you need is to have a Google Account and to agree to upload photos at no more than 2048 pixels. This is the size that Google calls “Best for Sharing.” I have over 26,000 pictures online in my Google+ account, and I don’t pay a penny.
  2. Photos are beautifully displayed in a collage-like layout, or with full screen slideshows.
  3. Integrated with Picasa software on your computer, so uploading pictures to Google+ Photos is single-click easy.
  4. Using the Google+ Photos App, you have your pictures at your fingertips with whatever device is at hand.

I met some new friends in the RV park last week and they started talking about offbeat places they’ve traveled by RV. I was able to pull up pictures of my choice – a Stonehenge replica on the Columbia River in Washington state – and display them on the phone as I told them about this cool spot. Because I had the Google+ App on my phone, I could easily search my photos for ‘Stonehenge’ and find those pictures from August of 2010. If you’re a photo-holic like me, that’s just priceless!

App Name: Google+
Author: Google
Price: Free
Available for: iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablets

  11 Responses to “Pictures at Your Fingertips with Google+ Photos”

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  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m fairly new to Picasa, but I love it!
    I’ve recently found an issue tho when syncing videos to Google+. Here’s the story….
    I noticed that a lot of my videos hadn’t been imported to Picasa, on inspection, it seemed that this was down to me not having the latest version of Quicktime installed along with its various codecs. I installed that, and hey presto, all my videos then automatically started being imported into Picasa….problem fixed…or so I thought….
    When I tried to then sync these video’s to my Google+ account, they all kept failing (all below the 15 minute allowance & most below the size allowance too). Looking through all of these videos in my albums on Picasa, they’ve all now got a red down arrow, which apparently means I have blocked them from being uploaded. If I remove the block, the backup to Google+ starts again, but almost instantly the red down arrow re-appears….

    Any advise would be most welcome!

  3. Hi Chris,
    I’ve decided to ditch my REAL computer and use only android devices for my IT needs. This means I have to be able to satisfy all my needs with a Tronsmart S89-H TV box, my Note 10.1, and my phone. I have my hdd connected to the TV box and would like to upload all my photos to my Google account. Unfortunately my preferred Picasa application (PicasaTool) has a horrible interface for uploading photos.
    Do you have any advice for what app to use? I have MANY photos organized in folders of date and title.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hi Chris –

    I really really am disappointed to see that Google+ does not respect the user-defined tags that I set in Picasa when I upload them – the automation might be nice for some people but it never works the way I would always want it to and between the two only Picasa is fast enough to go and set those tags in an efficient way. Google+ is far too unwieldy and cumbersome to do that.

    Hoping you guys start to respect people’s tagging and take it seriously enough (instead of the machine-generated auto-tagging which feels experimental at best) for Google+ to preserve Picasa-tagged information. After all the information WE set is really the only one that counts, since we know what that image means better than any machine ever will.


    • I’m flattered that you think I’m part of Google! I’m just a lowly independent teacher who has been using Picasa since before it was owned by Google! I agree that they do not do a good job with Tags. I wish it was better. Tags should be usable with the pictures regardless of what software we are using to view them. That said, Google+ Photos does appear to be able to find pictures by your custom tags, even though they don’t show up in the properties?! Go to your All Pictures and enter one of your custom tags into the search box. I’ll bet they’ll be found.

  5. Taking my android tablet to Europe this summer, instead of the laptop. Will be downloading photos from my camera to Google+ ? Have always used Picasa and loved it. Hoping Google+ is as easy to use. Thanks for all your help and tutorials. JUDY

  6. The classes I teach in Picasa have been asking about Google + so this is a timely article for me to learn about it. However, social networks are getting a bad reputation for information sharing. Is Google + any better, do you think? If all you want to do is share albums uploaded from Picasa, sending a link through email will allow the album to be viewed on any device. Is that correct?

    If I do use Google +, does the way I upload photos from Picasa to the web change? Your article shows how it is easier for you to see all your photos on your devices. How will my sharing with others procedure change?

    Thanks for all your great information, Picasa particularly.

    • Hello Barbara! Google+ is wonderful – I love it. BUT, it is complicated. It is a social network first and foremost and that can be very confusing for people who just want to have a place to store their photos in the cloud and then send a link to share them. If they’re willing to remember to follow certain steps each time, it’s really not that bad. Step 1: Click the Share with Google Plus button to upload pictures, but do NOT add anyone in the Share with field. That album will be on google+ visible to only you. Step 2: Using Google+ Photos online find the Sharing Options and choose “Share with Link” I think this video shows that technique: http://geeksontour.tv/2012/01/pics52-picasa-3-9-and-google-plus-sharing/

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