Mar 252014

You’re probably accustomed to seeing your picture folders in date order at the left navigation bar in Picasa, but did you know you can view the photos themselves on a timeline?  While in library view, use the View menu and select Timeline and you’ll see something like this:


In a very condensed format, you can see the complete range of dates for your pictures.  In my sample case the earliest date shows as November 1936.  These are scanned photos where I manually set the date!  And the latest date is March 2014.  Simply drag the slider and you can see thumbnails of pictures from folders in every date in between.  Then, you have choices of playing a slide show by double-clicking on a folder,  or going back to your library with the button, or by pressing Esc.  You will be dropped off in the library viewing pictures from the time that was last selected in the timeline.

Google+ Photos now has a Timeline

If you have been uploading your pictures to Picasa Web Albums, or Google+ Photos (it’s the same set of albums – just different interfaces) you now can find pictures by date there too.  To get to your photos in Google+, browse to and login.  This only works in “Highlight” view. At the right side of your screen, you should see an icon of the current month .  Just hover your mouse over that and it will open up a complete calendar of Years and Months for all the photos you have ever uploaded.  Click on any year/month combination and you will be taken to the highlight of photos from that month.

g photos-calendar


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  5 Responses to “Your Pictures on a Timeline”

  1. Would you please describe how I can move pictures from Picasa to my Facebook timeline site.? Thank you very much for your help and just for the record I have enjoyed Picasa for several years and I do appreciate all of your weekly post !!

    Art Taphorn

  2. Do you have a feature where the viewer can ask questions about various aspects of Picasa and also ask whatever questions one may have about the article of the day? Is there a telephone to call to clarify any confusion that key arise? Bob Beck

    • We often respond to comments here on the blog, but we don’t promise to answer questions here. If you are a Geeks on Tour member, we have a forum where we answer any questions you have and we promise to respond – I answer Picasa questions, other topics may be handled by Jim, my husband. Membership is $58 for an annual subscription: We do not offer general phone support. We do offer training services at $60/hr face-to-face or using remote screen-sharing.

  3. Anything on HDR from Picassa yet?

    • Not quite sure what you’re looking for. I let Google+ photos put together my 3-exposure HDRs. Just upload the 3 photos and G+ will make an HDR with the Auto-Awesome feature.

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