Dec 132013

Do you wish you knew how to take some of those great pictures you have and make Holiday cards with them?  You can do that with Picasa and the File->Order Prints command.  And, if you want to have a service that will customize your beautiful cards with individual messages, AND mail them out for you – then you need to look into Send Out Cards.

Here at Geeks on Tour, we’ve been wanting to teach online in the Webinar format, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect tool (i.e. free!) to do it.  We think we’ve found that with Google+ Hangouts On Air.  We did a live webinar last week and now, we can share the recording with you.  It’s about an hour long.  If you just want to read a synopsis, we wrote up some quick notes in this forum post.


Our next live Webinar is on creating Picasa Collages.  You can register for the live event here.

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