Dec 252012

note 9/15/2013: Creative Kit has been discontinued.

Jim and Chris, here at Geeks on Tour, hope you had a fabulous Christmas.  We know you took lots of pictures, and you’ll have even more fun editing them in Picasa!

Here’s a picture we took of the tree at Jim’s sister’s house.  The original is on the left, the edited version is on the right.  Below the pictures is a list of the editing features I used.

1-IMG_4425 1-IMG_4425-001
  1. Border with corner radius at the max and caption height increased.  Outer color picked up from the dark green in the tree, inner color from the red around the bottom of the tree,
    See this past article about Framing photos.
  2. Color boost for even more color than saturation can give
  3. Graduated tint to darken the upper part of the picture
  4. Text tool used for ‘Merry Christmas’ entered in the caption area created by the border
  5. Santa hat added by using ‘Edit in Creative Kit’ which takes you to the web where there is a ‘decorate’ option.  You’ll usually find ‘stickers’ for the current holiday there.

Hope this gives you some ideas!  Have Fun.  And … Happy New Year!

This tip brought to you by Geeks on Tour

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  1. like all the suggestions except for snuffing out the little angel…..merry christmas

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