Aug 152012

2014 Update: You can also try the Picasa command on the File menu: Import from Google+ Photos

If you have been patiently waiting for the features in Google+ photos to catch up to what we’ve had all along in Picasa Web Albums, your patience was rewarded this week.  One by one, the features we’ve come to expect from PWA are being added to the Google+ interface, and the latest one is the ability to download albums.


How to Download an Album from Google+ Photos

While you’re viewing an album in Google+ Photos, you should see a menu option in the upper right labeled ‘More.”  Just click on the drop-down arrow to reveal the list and you should see Download Album as an option.  Click that, select your download location and click save.  This will put all the album’s photos into a packaged ‘.zip’ file, so there’s one more step before you’ll see your downloaded photos in Picasa.  You need to UNzip that file (Windows: right-click and Extract all, Mac: open .zip with archive utility)  and put the resulting picture files into a folder in your My Pictures area – or any other folder that Picasa is watching.

If you don’t see the Download album Option

That means that the owner of the album has UNchecked their Google account setting to ‘Allow Viewers to Download Photos.’  This is an account-wide setting, it is not something that can be controlled for individual albums.  To find the setting, click on the Gear icon, click Settings, and scroll down to the Photos section.

Show Me How!

Here is a tutorial video showing you exactly how to download an album from Google Plus.  This is just one of many tutorial videos on Picasa available for Geeks on Tour members.  You can see the whole list here.

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  2 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Yes you can Download an Album from Google+ Photos!”

  1. You don’t have an ‘album,’ with captions and ordering of google+. You just have the photos. To have an album, you then have to order them as they were in google+ and rewite all the captions you added in google+. Painful! It would be very easy to do better with some options in the download.

  2. I followed your video instructions and the album did copy to downloaded files, but when I viewed the photos I the doc they were out of order. I want to be able to use them in a digital photo frame in the order they appeared in the album. Is there a solution? I have spent numerous hours on something that should be simple to do. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I would hate to start from scratch.

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