Jul 302012

Although Google+ Photos has now given us a way to view a slideshow of our photos, I still see no way to grab that slideshow and put it into a Blog or other website.  But, that feature is still there if you use the Picasa Web Albums interface.

Sometimes it is just so much more efficient to view a slideshow than to have numerous pictures posted on your page.  Like these pictures of our week in the Connecticut area:

Open your Album using Picasa Web Albums

Make sure you are logged into the Google account that has the album you’re looking for, then point your browser to https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/myphotos?noredirect=1  You should now be seeing all your photo albums in the Picasa Web Album interface (and it won’t redirect you,) even if you have a Google+ account.  Click on the Album you want, then you will see some options at the right.  Click on ‘Embed Slideshow’.


Copy the HTML code

Now you will be seeing some options for your slideshow.  Choose the size you want, and choose whether you want captions to show.  Then copy the HTML code from the bottom box.  Now, come back to your website, or Blog, editor and make sure you are in the HTML or Source view.  Then paste the code at the location you want the slideshow to appear.  It will look something like the image below.  Notice that it starts with <embed  and ends with embed>. 


When you go back to your normal editing view, you will see the slideshow rather than the code. A wonderful thing about using this slide show feature is that it is a live link. If you add more pictures to the album, they will show up in your slide show on your website or blog. Same thing if you delete them. You might even use this technique for a constantly updated set of pictures on your home page.

Learn to make a Blog/Website

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  21 Responses to “Putting a Picasa Web Albums Slideshow into a Blog or Website”

  1. Thank you! I was so happy to find this! This is so helpful!

  2. Hi, I have a related problem.
    I have figured out how to overcome the picasa redirects to Google+.
    I have figured out how to get the code to embed a slideshow into a wordpress site and
    I have got about 3 dozen albums all on my site setup as slideshows.

    They all work brilliantly on my windows pc (chrome or IE), my blackberry playbook and my blackberry Z10 cell phone. But… they do not work on Galaxy S5 cell phones, Galaxy Tab4 tablets and supposedly they do not work on iPads or iPhones either. How do I fix this? Android = Google. Picasa = Google. But Picasa slideshows do not show up on Android devices but the good old Blackberries have no problem with it?

    How do I resolve this? Can I download a chrome plugin for my android Tab4? Helps me to see the pics but not anybody else.

    I really do not want to go back and modify the dozens of albums I already have setup, but would like to use a process that works on tablets. Right now it only works for the 32 or so people who have a PlayBook 😉



    • It has something to do with Flash. And flash doesn’t work on Android to my knowledge. This is one of the reasons that slideshow is not available in the current site – google+, only in the old Picasa Web Albums.

  3. Hello. Thanks for posting this. Everything is working fine, but it will not play in a random order. Is there anyway I can fix this?



  4. I downloaded my picasa web album to my smart tablet 2 years ago
    Last week the pics stopped appearing in my gallery like they did before !!
    The message ‘no thumbnail’ appears and the various picture ‘ details’ show when I select ‘ I’
    but no pics show
    I tried the no redirect trick of yours but no luck

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  6. After dozens of tries, I dug and found out my WordPress Blog does not allow embeds from my Picasa albums. I can use the link for albums, but not for a slideshow.

  7. 5 hours spent on “How to embed Google+ photos into WordPress! I stopped using Picasa and rebuilt a ton of albums and I’m back to square one. This site is the closest I’ve come. Google is pissing me off!!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to answer my post.

    I have a problem with Web Picasa and I hope that you can help me with some insight. My google profile is linked to my Web Picasa account, I am able to get the embed code for the slide show pull images linked to my personal profile to my website.

    I also have a business profile page with google plus. I have multiple images related to my business that I would like to feature on my website in a slide show. When I got to Web Picasa I can only get the embed code for my personal account not the business. I have tried changing my profile URL so that it goes to my business gallery instead but the option to change the URL is not available. I even tried editing an existing slideshow to pull from the business profile id, but I am not a coder so my patch work just fails.

    Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks A Million,

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  10. Cindy, what you’re missing is to:
    Open your Album using Picasa Web Albums
    Make sure you are logged into the Google account that has the album you’re looking for, then point your browser to http://www.picasaweb.google.com/home.

    • I have the same problem as Cindy. The picasaweb.google.com/home redirects to google plus. I can only Share via link, I don’t see embed anywhere.

      • You should see a link at the top of the screen to “click here to return to Picasa Web Alums”

        • get with it! nothing of what you say is valid with the new 3.9 version

          • Picasa 3.9 is software on your computer and has nothing to do with this article. The slideshow comes from Picasa Web Albums and it still works just fine, regardless of what version of Picasa you have on your computer.

    • Chris, I just still don’t see the same things you do. I’m using Google Chrome browser, I go to my Picasa Web Albums using the link you have in the article, and I’m taken to my Google+ photos page, then click Albums, then click into one of them. After that it is just as I mentioned before (some time back, but you can still see it above), with no “embed” choice. There is a Slideshow button, but all it does is show me my photos as a slideshow (quite slowly, I must say); nowhere is there anything about embedding. The Share button just opens a G+ box to let me put it on my stream, and that’s not what I want to do. I really would like to know how to embed, which I have done before Google+ came into being, and I just may want to put something on my blog again sometime, but that feature seems to be deleted now.
      Thanks for all your tips, I really do learn a lot here.

  11. any way to paste the slideshow into an email?… thanks

  12. I don’t see a way to do this in Google+ .. There’s no “Embed slideshow” anywhere in my public album. The “More” button on the right side has these choices: Share album via link, Add to event, Delete album, Organize album, Hide location data for this album. I then did a search in Google+ Help, and that option is just not available any more. Don’t know why. If I’m missing something, let me know.

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