May 042012

When you first open Picasa, it displays all your folders in date order.  So you see a line at the start of each year.  But, you can also see them in Alphabetical order, or even ‘Sort by Recent Changes’ if you prefer. The key is to use the dropdown arrow that is at the top of the folder and album list.  The ‘Sort By’ list is referring to the sort order of all the items in the left hand column – the ‘Collections.’  You also need to know that this only works if you are in Flat Folder view – not Tree View.

folder-sort folder-sort2

Sorting Pictures within a Folder

If you’re looking to sort the pictures within a folder, that’s a whole different thing.  First you need to select the folder (or album) to work with, then you can right-click on the folder name and choose Sort By …  OR you can click on the Folder (or Album) menu in the top menu bar.  If you’ve selected a folder, the menu will say ‘Folder.’  If you’ve selected an Album, the menu will say ‘Album.’  In either case, there is a Sort By option.


To learn more about organizing and sorting, here are the tutorial videos I recommend.  You must be a Geeks on Tour Member to view them:

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  6 Responses to “Sorting Folders vs. Sorting Pictures within a Folder”

  1. This may be a duplicate because I hit the wrong key. I want to sort the pics within a folder in alpha order; eg, folder is named Yosemite, pic of a flower that has been given a name like Salvia patens. Thank you in advance for helping with this. Cheers, Susan

  2. Any way to make all my albums have their photos sorted in date order. It seems pretty crazy to have to go through all 500+ albums one by one and sort them each by date.

  3. Again, you hit the nail on the head.
    Thanks for Picasa

    • Ed, they are delightful! What a stnninug couple Sam and Dave are! You made us all feel very relaxed ..Thanks for being our super hero on the day! For those who don’t know.. Ed1 Saved me from breaking my neck (story to follow)2 Saved the house from catching fire with the fire lanterns 3 An expert at fixing up the bridesmaids dresses when all around him are late and in a total panic .4 So quick to spot a potential problem and get it sorted.5 Even put his hand to wiping floors at the end of a LONG day.Loved having you both here for the day thoroughly recommend this guy!

  4. Really enjoy and learn from two of you


    Question: Before Picasa changed, very easy to fix wrinkles. I have no idea how to
    fix wrinkles now

    Please let me know how to edit wrinkles

    Keep up the good work


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