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Doesn’t a frame make a normal photo look like a work of art?  Picasa 3.9 has several options for framing your photos, and you won’t believe how easy they are.  There are 5 new options that all relate to framing your photo.  They’re all on the last tab of Picasa’s editing tools.  So, just pick any picture and try clicking on these options. Just like all the other editing features, if you don’t like it, you can just click Undo.


Here’s a picture I took in the Bahamas.  I’m just going to try each option in turn.

My picture with NO framing
Vignette – one click
Border – one click
Drop Shadow – with all sliders at the extremes
Museum Matte – one clickmuseummatte Polaroid – one clickpolaroid

The real fun comes with combining the different framing features, and adjusting the options on them.  Notice that most of the samples above are the results of simply clicking once on the option specified.  But, let’s take the museum matte as an example, there are several options.  The museum matte puts two borders around your picture, inner and outer.  For each border you can specify it’s width and its color.  You can even pick up a color from the picture itself by simply clicking the spot with the color you want.

museumoptions museumX2

You can even add the museum matte a second time to have 4 borders!  I like to use the Vignette to start, then I use border and I increase the Corner Radius to the maximum to get the oval effect.  Lastly I add a museum matte or two in my specified colors.  Here’s the result:


Way Cool?  or Too much?

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  9 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Framing Photos”

  1. […] Border with corner radius at the max and caption height increased.  Outer color picked up from the dark green in the tree, inner color from the red around the bottom of the tree, See this past article about Framing photos. […]

  2. Hiya….this looks fantastic. Trying it out now but am having problems already. I have created a collage but want a coloured border around my pictures rather than the white, which is the only option I can find. Can you suggest how to do this please?

    • The border produced within the collage feature is white only. For something else, frame the picture before including it in the collage. Picasa 3.9 has much better border features.

  3. When adding text to the ‘Polaroid’ feature, the text does not stay put when clicking ‘apply’. Any suggestions???

  4. When I go to print photos after putting a border on from the new picasa, the border does not print or prints unevenly. Have tried several times and it never prints an even border.

    • You may have ‘shrink to fit’ selected. Or crop to fit. It works best if the picture is specifically cropped to the print size.

      • I have the same problem. I think the photo service equipment is using metric sizing and not inches

  5. Thanks for this tip. Can hardly wait go give it a try…

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