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So you tried uploading your pictures to eBay and they were rejected for being too large.  Picasa makes it easy to resize them all at once.

  1. Select the pictures you want to resize.  You should see all the pictures in your selection tray.
  2. Click the Export button
    Screen Captures14
  3. Select the folder to store the finished product, and select the desired size

Your exported pictures will be the edited versions – what you see is what you get.  The longest side will be the size you specify, and they will be located in the location you chose.

So, from ebay, you would now upload the contents of the ‘My Documentsebayphotos folder. Geeks on Tour members can view the video on Resizing a Batch of Photos.

That’s it!

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  13 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Resize a Batch of Pictures”

  1. ok so I would like to resize some images to put over some vinyl singles for our table plan and cant seem to figure out how to resize them to fit 85mm x 85mm any ideas on how I can achieve this?

  2. I am trying to change the dpi on a pic to 300 dpi. I am alos trying to change the layout to be 5.59×4.33 inches. How can I do this?

  3. I made 450px images, folder created but images still in bigger size 🙁 help me

  4. My photo in Picasa seems to be 600 dpi and I need to email it as a 300 dpi. What do I put in the image resize box. I don’t know the conversion. Thanks.

    • It’s the displaying device (monitor or printer) that determines the dots per inch. Picasa can specify how many dots/pixels to make the image. So for example, when you Export from Picasa, you specify say, 1200 pixels for the longest edge of the image. If you print that at 600 dpi then then it will be 2 inches. If you print it at 300 dpi it will be 4 inches. There is no such thing as ’emailing it at 300dpi’

  5. This does not print out correctly and I’ve tried to print it twice.
    Can you fix it so it will? Thank you.

    • Did you use the Print icon at the bottom of the post? It worked ok for me. Maybe you need to click the link to ‘Print using System Dialog’ in order to see your printer’s settings.

  6. Could you discuss resolution. What if I want a small picture with excellent resolution?

    • Size is the number of dots. Image quality is how good each dot looks (compression). You can adjust both with the export command. You should always take your pictures with the camera set to the highest resolution. That means the camera will capture the most dots/pixels. You can always adjust down but you can’t adjust up from the original.

      • If you do, please let us know, as this has been bngigug me for ages (having to split up the pictures). Lightroom seems to be a bit handier for that purpose, since you can set it to resize using things like Long Edge and Short Edge , but I haven’t figured out yet how to trick Photoshop into doing this.

  7. How do you know what size is 640 pixels? What if you wanted to resize 2×2?? Is that included?

    • That depends on how you’re viewing it. For example, if you’re printing at 300dpi (dots per inch) then 600 pixels would be 2 inches. If you’re looking at it on a computer screen set to 800X600 then 600 pixels would take up the entire height or 6/8 of the width. You might want to view the video on Crop Sizes as well.

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