Aug 092011

They like it!  They really like it!

Our little book on Picasa was a natural outcome of our seminars and tutorial videos.  We weren’t even sure if anyone would want it.  Over the couple of years it’s been available we have sold a few hundred copies.  It certainly isn’t about to hit the best sellers list, but it did catch the attention of a Computer Club in the San Franciso Bay area – The Golden Gate Computer Society.  They have a tradition of reviewing computer books and contacted us to see if we would send them a copy for review.  The reviewer, Babette Bloch starts with how she found the book:

Some time ago, when googling for Picasa information, I came across a site called Half suspecting I’d found a rock band instead of an instructional material, I was pleased to discover that the Geeks on Tour are Jim and Chris Guld.
They zigzag across the country in a motor home, teaching RVers to manage their computers, GPS equipment, wifi connections and use of Picasa to handle the zillions of digital photographs they’re all taking.

Babette makes a few nice comments about our website, then starts discussing the book itself:

And the book? It’s a delightful, invaluable guide to using Picasa. It’s small—5½”x11”, with 59 pages of clear instructions that take you from an overview of Picasa’s features and capabilities, through details of each step to use the program, to sharing and backing up the finished products after you download photos from your camera and work on them.  Chris Guld makes her points in a few succinct words. Nothing is overwritten, and nothing seems to be missing technically.  The author’s style is conversational and understandable.

The real bonus is the DVD with its 25 “Show Me”videos demonstrating what is described in this book. As you read the book, boxes appear on some pages with words such as, “Show-Me Video: Tree Structure.” This means that at this point you can use the book’s DVD to view a video on the subject at hand; in this case “Tree Structure.”

The videos are outstanding and narrated by Chris Guld, who shows every stroke of the process at hand and goes slowly enough so you can follow and take notes, but not so slow as to be boring.  The 25 videos each run from a little over five minutes up to 22 minutes.

This review is actually a small part of the GGCS monthly newsletter, but Babette sent me a .pdf file of just the newsletter pages with the review and you can read it in its entirety here:  Beginner’s Guide to Picasa 3: A Review by Babette Bloch of the Golden Gate Computer Society

And, of course, if you want to buy it, it’s available at two places:

Thanks Babette!  We will definitely put Golden Gate Computer Society on our Tour itinerary!

See what Picasa can do for you – watch the video Overview of Picasa

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  1. I am completely lost in Picasa. I downloaded your Beginner’s Guide but I have not registered. I have had sessions with Westerville Senior Center and I have several pics in Picasa3. I find too many pics at a given site and cannot find the ones I want. Dating the pics is ok, but when I import, I can’t find the ones better control this maize?

    Sam :((

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