Aug 222011

Do you know how easy it is to play a slideshow using Picasa?

playbuttonJust click the play button at the top of any folder or album.  When you do, the contents of that folder or album will start playing full screen.

Once the slideshow is playing, you have a set of controls at the bottom.  If you don’t see these controls, just move your mouse and they will appear.


From left to right, those controls are:

  • Exit: click this to stop the slideshow
  • Magnify: drag the slider to magnify the currently displayed picture
  • Rotate: click the rotate left or rotate right buttons to turn the currently displayed picture
  • Previous slide: click to manually move to the previous picture
  • Play: click this to resume playing the slideshow
  • Next slide: click to manually move to the next slide
  • Star: click this to mark the current slide as a ‘Starred’ picture
  • Transition dropdown: click the dropdown arrow to see the choices for transitions between slides
  • Caption: click the green checkmark On to see captions, Off to hide them
  • Display time: click the minus or the plus to decrease or increase the duration of each slide in the show

So where is the option for Music?

It’s in the properties of the particular folder or album.  Double-click on the name of the folder or album and you will see a checkbox for “Use Music for Slideshow and Movie Presentation.”  Make sure that is checked, then you can browse your computer to find the music selection you want played. Once you have entered a selection here, it will always play whenever you play a slideshow on that particular folder or album.


You can only play one selection per folder/album. The music will not follow a slideshow to a Gift CD, or to the web for a web album.  It is only for playing the slideshow using the playbutton play button in Picasa.  If you want to record the slideshow and music and share it, you need to make a Movie.  See other articles on that.

Note: if you stop your slideshow, the music will start over from the beginning when you play it again.  So, if you want the music to play thru, be sure to keep your hands away from the mouse as it plays!


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  4 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Slideshows with Music”

  1. How can I increase the time between slides to more than 20 seconds. I would like each photo to stay on the screen for a minute or even more.

  2. Why music is not uploaded to Picasa web from Picasa album? It uploaded only pictures but without music? Thanks.

  3. I had forgotten about the music. Thanks for the great tips. Enjoy the Escapade!

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