Jul 142011

If your camera has the capability of taking video, you’ve probably noticed that they come right into your computer and show up in Picasa when you ‘Import’ from your camera.

If you don’t see them, try looking at your options in Picasa: Tools | Options | File Types – and make sure the box is checked next to Movies (.AVI, .MPG, .ASF, .WMV) and perhaps Quicktime Movies too if your camera uses .MOV format.

So, now that they’re on your computer, how do you share them?  If you double-click on your video Picasa will play it for you and display some special options at the left, including the ability to upload to Youtube.  I use this a lot, I like Youtube.  But, what if you don’t want to start a Youtube account?  Or, you don’t like how public Youtube videos are?


The ‘Upload’ button at the bottom works just as well for videos as it does for pictures.  You can upload videos to any Picasa Web Album.  Here is that little train video in my Web Album. Once it’s there, you can also add it to your blog posts, just like you add pictures.  If you want to see a sample of how it turns out, take a look at this blog post of mine – the train video is embedded about halfway down.  You’ll notice that it says it’s hosted by Google Video, and it works just fine – as long as you have a good, fast Internet connection.

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  11 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Uploading Videos”

  1. When I attempt to import my recent pictures & videos from my camera to Picasa, only the pictures are imported, it ignores the videos. I never had trouble with this until now. What’s the deal?

  2. We recently purchased a new desktop, using Windows 7 Professional. Since then, with Picasa (3.9.0) we can HEAR video clips but SEE only black screen. Next step? Please help!

  3. When I go to Tools | Options | File Types, .MOV is grey and I cannot choose this file format. All of my videos are in .MOV format and they don’t show up in Picasa. Could you please help me sync these videos?


  4. I used to be able to put our camera videos on disc (not video camera to share with a friend). Now it seems as if they are recording but I cannot play them back like before and wonder why. We have Dropbox. Should this interfere because it is mentioned? Anne

  5. I’m having a problem I’ve never had before. I was uploading a very short video from Picasa to my YouTube account and it has disappeared. I tried 2 more times and I cannot find it. I am stumped.

    • The only thing that comes to mind is whether you were logged in to the correct account. Either that, or something in it was deemed some kind of copyright violation and Youtube blocked it. If you go to youtube, login and click the down arrow by your name, you should see ‘Video Manager’ … if your video is not there – then one of the two options above is what I expect happened.

  6. I am having a problem getting my video’s onto Picasa. Everything is checked as you have stated. I took my computer to the shop and they can’t figure out why. The video is on my camera and it is in my computer if I open the right drive for the removable disk.

    According the the computer man this has been an issue. Do you know anything about how to fix this?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  7. When I copy a folder to a disc (I use Create a Gift CD) the pictures are on the disc but not a short video that is included on that folder. How can I get the video to also to also copy to a disc? I use Create a Gift CD to back up my photos on a monthly basis. Is this the right way to do that? Mary

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