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Every business needs a website.  But many small, local businesses only need a one page business card type of website.  I was talking to a small business owner the other day and mentioned just that – they needed a website, but it didn’t have to be more than one page – “Just so people can get your phone number and address when they need it”, I said.  The owner replied, “But, I have so many different kinds of projects, he said, people need to see several examples so they know what I can do.”  “I can’t afford to pay someone to build that website, and I don’t know how to do it myself.”

If your projects, products, or services can be shown in a picture – I think Picasa web album is your answer.  Just get a web person to build you a simple, one page website (or you can do this yourself) and embed a slideshow from a web album where you’ll put the pictures.  Every time you add a new picture, it will show up on the slide show on your web page.  Don’t offer an item any more?  Just delete the picture from the web album and it will be gone from your web page.

Whatever you want to say about a product or service can be included in the caption of the picture.  You’d be surprised how much you’re allowed to type.  And, if someone looking at your web page clicks on the slideshow, they’ll be taken to your Web Album and see the pictures and captions full size.

Here is an embedded slideshow from a web album with pictures of the products and services that Geeks on Tour offers.

So, how do you get the slideshow into the web page?  By copying the embed code on the Picasa Web Album:

  1. Log in to your Picasa Web Album and open the album you want to embed.
  2. Click on ‘Link to this Album’ in the right sidebar
  3. From the options that open up, click Embed Slideshow
  4. You should now see a dialog box similar to the following
    Make sure to check the box to Show captions, autoplay, and at least 400px in size.  The slideshow above is 600px.
  5. Copy the code from the yellow box
  6. Go to the HTML code for your web page and paste the code in where you want the slideshow to appear.

Now, any time you add, delete, or change a picture in that album – it will be reflected in the slide show on your web page.  No need to call your webmaster and pay for revisions, just use the free tools that Picasa and Picasa Web Albums provides!

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