Jan 262011

Have you ever wanted to have an arrow to point to something on your photograph?


This picture was taken at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois.  We love visiting Presidential Museums as we travel and Lincoln’s was especially memorable.  Here you see where the entire Lincoln family poses very patiently all day, every day, so you can have your picture taken with them.

Pointing out Mr. Lincoln and me seemed a fun thing to do.  The text is easy with Picasa, but how do you get the arrows?  Well … it’s also using the Text Tool.  You just need a text character that looks like an arrow.  There are lots of them.  Open the Character Map accessory application in Windows, find the character you want and copy it.  There are some simple arrows in the Arial and other standard fonts, but I like the slightly fancier ones found in the Wingdings font.


Click on the one you want, then click Copy.  Now, come back to Picasa and the text tool, then use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-V, to paste.  You’ll probably just see a letter, like ‘F’ at first – if so, it means you need to change the font in Picasa to Wingdings … the font showing in the Character Map.


I also added a white outline to the black characters to help them be more readable.

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Adding Text to Pictures



  7 Responses to “Pointers on Pictures”

  1. Oh yes I agree

  2. Since I have a Mac I did not know what to do, so I chose Windings3 for the text and starting typing on the bottom row until I found an arrow (then I deleted the other symbols) — crude but it worked.

  3. Where can I find the Character Map accessory application? Thanks

    • Onion – Character Map comes with Windows. If you have Vista or Windows7, you can just Start, and type character. You will then see Character Map in the list. If you have XP, it’s in Accessories, System Tools.
      Hope that helps.

      • Can you please tell me where to find accessories, system tools in XP. I have looked all over and can’t find it. I even looked in the help menu. thanks

        • I don’t have an XP computer any more, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find it by clicking on the Start button, then All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and you should see Character Map.

  4. Picasa is a great program. I just love it. But you can always make something better. On the tip on adding a arrow to a photo it seems like Picasa should have these arrows under the text tool in Picasa. Just a thought.

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