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In Picasa’s Library view, there are many symbols/icons you may see on the picture thumbnails.  These are indicators of certain attributes of the pictures being marked.  They are not part of the picture – they are simply informational.  This article will discuss each one.

image Starred: Shows that this picture has been marked as a Favorite picture.  See this article for a discussion of Stars and Tags.
image Uploaded: Indicates that this picture has been uploaded to your Web Albums.  You can right click on this picture and choose ‘Online Actions.’  This gives you options to: View Online, Copy URL, Update Online Photo, or Refresh Online Status
Sync Sync’ed: This shows up on any picture in an album or folder that has been ‘Sync’ed’ to your Web Albums.  See this article about synchronized folders/albums with Picasa Web Albums.
image Movie: This thumbnail is a Movie clip.  If you double-click it, the movie will play. Picasa will play any movie file type that is checked in Tools | Options | File Types
image Geotagged: Indicates that this picture has latitude and longitude coordinates of the location where it was taken.  See this article on Geotagging.
image Block from Uploading: This indicates that you have marked this picture as one that Picasa should definitely not upload, even if it’s in a folder or album that is being synchronized to the web.  To do this for a picture, you right-click on it and choose “Block from Uploading.’

So, I have picture thumbnails in my Picasa Library that look like those below.  Notice the icons in the lower right – or lower left.  Each one is described below the picture:

This picture has been uploaded to Picasa Web Albums, and has been marked as a favorite.
This picture has been geotagged and will be properly placed on a map in Places view.
This one has been geotagged and uploaded
This thumbnail is a video clip.
This thumbnail is in a Sync’ed album or folder.  Therefore it is on the Web in addition to the computer.
This picture has been Blocked from Uploading and will not be on the web even if it is in a Sync’ed album.

When you double-click on a picture to see it in Edit/Single picture view, the symbols disappear from the picture itself.  Instead, they are displayed on the blue status bar below the photo.  That status bar starts with the folder and name of the picture file, then the date and size, the tags (if any) and at the far right you’ll see the icons for Star, Upload,

Mount Raniew

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  3 Responses to “What does that Symbol Mean?”

  1. Chris, I used to get the green arrow to indicate that I had uploaded a picture to my webalbum, but now I don’t. On the list of “Filters” at the top, the up arrow only is grey and I don’t know how to activate it again.
    All help is appreciated.
    Rod Keech

    • Its probably because you’re not logged in to your web albums. check the upper right corner of your Picasa screen

  2. How can I take folders from this year and make put them under 2010 album?

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