Aug 042010

by Chris Guld,

I recently received an email from a Geeks on Tour Member asking:

“How do I make a new folder in Picasa?”  You tell me how to rename them, how to move pictures to a folder, but I have over 357 pictures in one folder and I can’t seem to make several new ones to break up the big folder into several smaller ones.”

This answer is copied straight out of the Picasa Beginner’s Guide.  I hope it helps:

There is no command to create an empty folder. Picasa’s sole job is to manage photos, so it can only make a folder with a picture to put in it. To make a new folder,

  • from the Library view:
  • Right click on a photo (or a group of photos) to be stored in the new folder
  • Choose “Move to New Folder”
  • Fill out the form presented. A folder name, and description if desired. Note:this will be a folder in the ‘My Pictures’ area. You cannot create a subfolder with this procedure.
  • Click OK The folder will be created and the picture(s) will be put in it.

In general, try *not* to make too many folders. Picasa offers you many more ways to organize and find pictures – you don’t need a folder for every event or date. Our recommendation is to make a folder for each month of the year and store all photos taken in their respective month’s folder. Then use ‘Albums’ as your primary tool for organizing photos into logical groups.

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