Jun 292010

Question from a Geeks on Tour member:
I made a web album from a recent holiday, gave pics a descriptive title. eg Florence, Petra etc. Now they are out of chronological order. I have used right click to go and request they go back to Ascending Date order, but nothing happens.

Picasa Web Albums has it’s own procedure for sorting pictures in an album.  To put a web album into date order, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Web Album in question. Be sure you are logged in to your google account (you should see your gmail address on the top line of the web album.)
  2. Click ‘Edit’ then Organize and Reorderimage
  3. You should see an option top-middle to ‘Sort photos by …’
    click on that drop down arrow and choose dateimage
  4. Click Done (upper left)

You can also drag pictures around in this view.  When you click ‘Done’ they will stay in whatever order you left them.

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  9 Responses to “Sort Photos in Picasa Web Albums”

  1. Hello everyone and Greetings from West Africa!

    I cannot figure out how to sort the album covers themselves. I want to rearrange what comes first, second, third, etc. My ‘sort by’ drop down menu only has sorting by date or album name… your example shows other goodies such as ‘organize & reorder’ at the bottom, which I don’t have at all.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!



  2. Hi – I’m trying to sort the photos newest-first (i.e. at top of screen), but the sort by date option seems to only allow old-to-new order…

    Any ideas?

  3. Can someone please tell me how to delete a photo from a folder but not from the disk? OR how to move photos from one folder to another and not leave a copy of the photo in the first folder. I cannot seem to find this answer so I’m wondering if maybe it cannot be done. Thanks. Julie

  4. Unfortunately, the sorting is apparently done only by the day part of the date, the time is ignored – both in displaying the date of the picture and in sorting by date.

    This seems such a primary feature, I’m surprised Picasaweb – being the best gallery I’ve found for my needs – doesn’t have this one.

    • Janis, Are you sure about that? My pictures seem to be sorted correctly within any given day.

      • Probably picasa has also sorted your photos by filename, which would apparent to be sorted by datetime (shooting order). But in my case, I use multiple cameras with datetime synced. This basic function that picasa lack really annoys me.

        • I too am having this issue with it sorting by date not time and really annoys me too! Wish Google would fix it!

    • hmmm – that could be. Did you read this past article about sorting? So, if you put them in order nd renamed them before uploading to your Web Album – they could stay in order. If there are too many to manually sort by time, you might want to do the sort and rename process just using windows explorer – it will sort by time, and when you select a group and rename – it will number them.

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