May 192010

Question from Bette: “….if I Tag a photo and then want to remove the Tag from that photo only how do I do it?

Great question Bette.  It’s not immediately obvious how to do this, but it’s actually quite easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Select the picture in question
  2. Open the Tags pane and you should see the offending tag
  3. Hover over the tag, and you’ll see an ‘X’ at the right, clicking on that X will remove the tag from that picture.

And, here’s a video to show you how:

Other Videos you may want to watch:

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  6 Responses to “How to Remove a Tag from a Picture”

  1. 1. Making a Photo Story in Photo Story 3 and notice the Picasa captions do not show up. Is there any way to change settings to do so?
    2. Do I need to purchase software to make a DVD to work on our Sony BluRay DVD Player? what do you recommend.
    thanks for your great web site. I read it often. Marsha

    • Sorry, but Picasa captions will not show up in Photo Story 3. If you want them to, then use the Text tool in Picasa first – tell Picasa to copy the caption to text on the picture – then either save or Export the picture. When you bring that into Photo Story, the text will show.
      As for making DVDs – if you have windows Vista or Windows 7, then you can use DVD Maker which comes with it. If XP, then you need 3d party software. On the PHoto Story download page, there is a link to one.

  2. Today’s tips on tags was perfect. I am teaching a class on albums and have incorporated you last tip on tagging albums to be able to reconstruct them. This topic fits right in.
    Thanks for your great ideas.

    • Barb and Gary,
      Good to hear from you. So glad you’re still teaching Picasa and using my tips! I’m sure you have some tips I can learn from now too!
      Missed you at the last FMCA in Albuquerque.
      If you’d like an ‘educational copy’ of the videos on DVD for use in your class, just let me know.

  3. I need to know how i can send more than 1 photo or a folder full of photos, as i’m selling my houseboat and need to send more than one photo at a time and i get messed up trying?
    and real all you tips but do not use enough to remember.

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