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The latest upgrade to Picasa came out on September 23. They’re calling it 3.5. The biggest change is in the ‘Import Photos’ screen. In the prior version, Import was on 2 screens; first you selected what you wanted to import (All, or Selected, Exclude duplicates or not) then the next screen asked where you wanted them – the folder specification. In Picasa 3.5 it’s all on one screen. So, you have to specify the target folder before you click ‘Import All’ or ‘Import Selected.’ (Tutorial Videos: Import from Camera)

Notice in the screenshot below the Import From, Exclude Duplicates and Progress note are in the upper left. Everything else is at the bottom. Your procedure, therefore, goes from top, to bottom – then left to right.

Picasa 3.5 Import

A couple things to notice:

  • Picasa creates a folder name for you with the current date (2009-10-05 above.) You don’t have to accept that – and you probably shouldn’t. You can delete 2009-10-05 and type anything there that you want. I usually put all pictures in a folder for the month, so I put 200910 in that place. In the older version, it would remember the folder name where I put the last imported batch of pictures – I could just select 200910 from a dropdown list. It doesn’t seem to do that anymore, but I can just type it in again and the pictures all go to the same place.
  • There is a new option to ‘Upload.’ This means that you can upload to your web albums at the same time that you import to your pictures on your computer. I would never do that, because I like to look at the pictures and do a little editing before uploading.


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  15 Responses to “Picasa 3.5 Import Screen”

  1. Lost the “Dell 964” tab when I try to scan a photo from my Dell 964 ALL IN ONE All I have left in the tab is “folder” nothing else . It used to work just fine, but I can’t scan photos anymore because of it. How can I get it back so I can again scan photos and then import them to my Picasa 3 Album.

  2. I think the import system is completely flawed in Picasa. Which is a pity as the ‘exclude duplicates’ would save me ages on import.

    The reason it’s flawed is I and most people like to import using a flexible date format and usually it is the ‘shot by’ date. So that photos from the camera are stored in a folder on the date they were taken. This is then a permanent record and is easy to navigate and find photos should Picasa not be used.

    • Neil … Have you noticed that Picasa does group photos in the import screen according to date/time taken? So, you can select just one group, then use a folder name with that date before clicking ‘Import Selected.’

      • Maybe he suffers from this problem: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Picasa/thread?tid=3f189dd1a00056a1&hl=en

        Can’t you confirm this? This is a big issue for many people (including me), so it would be very interesting if this problem does not occour for all users. Maybe we can find the surrounding conditions, which lead to that problem…

      • Does anyone else have a problem with the way the import screen groups images by date? Basically, it completely fails to group the images in anything approaching the correct date. I typically find that it makes several groups, but they don’t seem to have any consistency that I can figure out. As I look at it right now, it has create a group of one image for 11/15, then a couple groups for other dates, then another group with my remaining images shot on 11/15. Finally, it creates one massive group with the vast majority of my pictures that it describes as 11/26, but in reality contains an unordered collection of about 1 years worth of pictures (the oldest taken in 2/2009).

        • Henry, I see exactly that and it’s extremely disappointing. MS Windows Live Photo Gallery has a brilliant import, Picasa could learn something from that.

          I would also like to see the option to utilise tokens for naming with the ability to give a name as well so I get the option to import to any combination of {name}, {datetaken}, {dateimported} etc.

  3. I have a new inspiron 530 PC…I am unable to upload photorgraps from Olympus 340 digital camera…when I hook up to computer from camera nothing happens…there are two sounds like a low pitched horn one when I hit upload and one when I disconect the camera from my PC/////can someone assist me with curing this problem….thanks

    • Sounds like maybe you need a new driver? If the camera came with a CD, try putting that in the computer and see if there is an option to install driver. Another option is to take the card out of the camera and insert it into the computer, if you have an appropriate card slot – or buy a USB card reader for $10-20.

  4. Different subject. But cannot seem to make “new folder” directly in Picasa for a special “file folder” I may want. I have to go into Windows Explorer, make the new folder and then pack to Picasa and store the photos to the new folder. This is not during export. thanks for your help.

    • Marsha – you can select the photo, or photos that you want in a new folder and right-click to bring up the option to ‘Move to New Folder.’ Picasa will make the new folder *and* put the photos in it all in the one step.

  5. Chris, thanks for this info. How can I download directly to Picasa? When I connect the camera to the laptop for a download it seems they automatically want to go to “my pictures” then are just picked up by Picasa. Should I have Picasa displayed at the time of connection to the camera? Thanks, Marty

    • What you’re doing is correct. Your pictures *should* be in ‘My Pictures’ – then you can use any number of tools to work with them – Picasa being one of those tools. Picasa will see your photos in the My Picturs folder and work with them there.

  6. Thanks – thats really useful to have someone else test it out and give me the best use tip. You have also helped me be much more disciplined at download stage.

  7. I have Kodak software on my computer and when I transfer pics from my Kodak camera to the computer, the pics go to the Kodak folder. Can you tell me how to get them to Picasa? Nothing I do seems to work.

    • Picasa can see the photos in the Kodak folder – you just need to go into Tools / Folder Manager and check the Kodak folder for ‘Scan Always’

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