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As you collect more and more digital photos, you will love the USB external hard drives available today.  And, as you keep collecting even more and more again, you’ll love that the USB hard drives are getting bigger and bigger.  But how much of a hassle is it going to be to move your files from the old hard drive to the new one?


I just love having *all* my pictures available for browsing.  We’ve taken at least 20,000 during our RV travels over the last 6 years.  And, I have several thousand from the years before RVing.  I can browse thru all 28,000 of them from my Picasa Library.  I keep the last couple years on my laptop, and the rest are on my Passport 250 GB USB hard drive.  That drive is getting full.

Did you know that you can buy a 500 GB USB hard drive for under $100?  Amazing.  So, we got one.  And, I wanted to move all the pictures from the 250 to the new 500.  But, I wanted to be sure I didn’t lose all the album designations I had built.  To do that, I needed to use Picasa to make the moves.

If you use Picasa’s ‘Tree View’, you can see what drive stores the photos. (Tutorial Video: Tree Folder Structure)




Then you can right click on the folder to be moved and choose ‘Move Folder …’  Choose a folder from the other hard drive and click OK.  Picasa takes care of all the rest.


Picasa can be like a central control room for pictures on all your drives.  I recorded a tutorial video as I accomplished this move.  It’s a little bit advanced, and it’s a little long (8 minutes.)  But, If you are managing thousands of pictures on multiple drives, I think you’ll like it!


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  5 Responses to “Moving Folders with Picasa”

  1. Thanks for this video and blog.

    You said it’s easier in Picasa than Explorer, but I have to disagree (although I agree we don’t want to lose Picasa info).

    You say it in the video: I can’t select multiple folders in Picasa… My frustration now is that I have dozens of folders to move to a 2 TB drive. Hard to believe with all the Google resources dedicated to Picasa, I have to do it one folder at a time!

    If you find a way to do multiple folders, please post it on your blog 😉

  2. […] Picasa, it will update all the album information to follow the new locations. See past article: Moving folders with Picasa also Basic Show Me Video on moving folders with Picasa (Membership […]

  3. So. I didn’t realize I could MOVE folders in Picasa…as I have been going outside Picasa to move them, then coming back to Picasa to verify the move and re-add to albums if necessary. (I figure that if the photos aren’t included in an ALBUM then this method is acceptable.) However, is there a way to CREATE a NEW FOLDER in Picasa (other than when the import is done from a camera/scanner)?

    • Yes – you can right-click on a photo and choose ‘Move to New Folder.’ It will ask you for a folder name, then create the folder *and* move the picture to the new folder.

      • Thanks Chris – very helpful information and nicely presented… like the previous poster, I was always moving my pics using Explorer

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