Oct 142009

There’s all sorts of reasons why I think that Picasa is the best photo management program for the majority of people taking digital pictures.  Number one is the fact that it handles 90% of all the tasks involved with digital photos – you only need to learn one program instead of 5 different programs for 5 different tasks.  But, a very close second is that it is so easy to make your pictures look better.  I love looking at photos of our travels, but not the photos I snapped.  I like looking at them after they have been improved with Picasa.  And it only takes a couple seconds with each one.

This is the photo I snapped from the window while Jim drove the motorhome down I-95 at 60 mph:


But, this is the photo I enjoy looking at – and it’s how I actually remember seeing the scene.  It’s a real trick to get the camera to capture what the eye is seeing


The first one is ho-hum.  The second one is dreamy.

It literally only took a few seconds to click on:

  1. I’m Feeling Lucky(Tutorial Videos: Basic Edits)
  2. Straighten (Tutorial Videos: Basic Edits)
  3. Sharpen (Tutorial Videos:Picasa’s 12 Effects)
  4. Increase saturation (Tutorial Videos:Tuning)
  5. Apply a blue graduated tint to the sky (Tutorial Videos:Picasa’s 12 Effects)
  6. Crop (Tutorial Videos:Crop Size Options)
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  One Response to “Better Pictures”

  1. I created my own wwebsite in concert with Yahoo and Picasa3.
    It was amazing … Picasa allowed me to create the images and
    moods I was seeking, quickly and efficiently. I even wasable to
    enhance old film black andwhite, type C and chrome images for
    quality reproductioin on the computer screen.

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