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If you’ve been reading these tips all along, you know that we advocate *not* saving. As long as you use Picasa every time you work with your pictures, you don’t need to save. However, if you ever want to use your picture in another program; like Word, or Powerpoint, or a website – then it is important to know the different save options available. Here they are:

Save – File Save or right click Save.  Saves all edits to the file on disk – puts the original in a hidden folder called originals.

Save all Edits – same as File Save for all pictures that have been edited in the current folder.

Save As – Saves all edits to a new file, allowing you to give it a new name and/or location.

Export– Saves all edits to a new file in a location you specify.  Also allows you to resize.  This is the only way to resize. (Tutorial Videos: Exporting Pictures for Use in Another Program)

Save a Copy – File / Save a Copy … duplicates the selected file, adds a number to the end of the file name.  Puts the copy in the same folder as the original.

Edit Copy – with one photo selected, Edit / Copy.  Now you can go to Word, or Outlook, or Powerpoint and Paste.

Each of these techniques is demonstrated in the Show-Me-How video at Geeks on Tour: Tutorial Videos: Ways to Save.

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  16 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Different ways to Save”

  1. Unfortunately finished with beautiful (before) Picasa. Am tired of software “improvements” designed to be inconvenient for the consumer to use simply with their other software (e.g. Outlook for mailing my photos).

  2. I am delighted so far with picasa3 . I only started using it recently and am just getting familiar with it .Thank you.

  3. Hi there,

    I’m new to picasa 3. I’m trying to use it to do basic editing to photos (lighting mainly). I want to be able to save the edited version easily to the same folder as the original for later use in other programs and to upload. I think the “save a copy” option would best suit my needs. My problem is that it is unselectable, or “greyed out” . How do I use this feature?

    Please help, it’s really frustrating I need to be able to do this action frequently so I really need to know how to do it the fastest easiest way possible.

    Cheers 🙂

  4. So I just spent hours editing all my pictures of alaska (located on an external harddrive) so I could put them online. BUT of course, when I go to put them online, the UNedited version is uploaded. There is a reason I went through and edited each photo. How can I get the edited versions online? More importantly, how can I save the entire edited folder to overwrite the unedited one? Could anyone help me out?

    • Above each folder is a set of buttons. Just click the button that looks like a little square floppy disk and it will save all edits in that folder.

  5. I’m new to Picasa 3. When I turn on Picasa 3. It immediately starts screening all the photos on my PC. I then name all the un-namedfaces it brings up which goes into that particular folder name. After all the work I close all my applications. When I turn on my computer, it starts the whole screening process all over again, and all the named photos is now called un-named. What am I doing wrong?

    If possible, please send response to my email, as I dont always have access to the internet.

  6. […] that this is using the picture files on disk, they won’t include your Picasa edits unless you saved those edits to disk. They also won’t be in your custom order, they will be in the order that they are on your […]

  7. Hi there,

    I am trying to move my photos onto a NAS, but I have heaps of folders in Picasa 3 with lots of edits that are yet to be saved. I want to Save to Disk, but I can only do that for one folder at a time, and I have hundreds of folders that need this. Is there a way to Save Changes to Disk en masse for all folders in Picasa 3?


    • To my knowledge, there is no way to save all edits for the entire library.
      But, if you move your folders using Picasa, there is no need to save edits –
      all edit info will be transfered to the new location. Actually, even if you
      just copy folders, the edit info will be maintained because it is stored in
      the picasa.ini file. As long as you’re still using Picasa to view your pictures – you’re OK. If not, then yes – you’ll need to save edits one folder at a time. Note that Picasa is not a multiuser program – it won’t allow multiple users to work with the same set of pictures on your NAS.
      see this video about moving folders to external hard drives:

  8. Is there a way to save changes to ALL photos edited in ALL folders. Since I discovered Picasa years AFTER I began taking digital photos (I used to use Canon Zoom Browser that came with the camera), I often go back and edit older photos here and there as I find the time. Then I may forget to save the cropped, enhanced, and red-eye-fixed photo before I leave the folder. If not in Picasa itself, is there a seperate program or plug-in to accomplish this?

  9. […] Using Export instead of Save When you edit a picture, Picasa doesn’t change the actual picture.  Picasa remembers all your edits and displays the picture to you accordingly, but if you look at the picture outside of Picasa you won’t see any of the edits.  To make a picture outside of Picasa that looks like the edited version, many people us the Export command.  This creates an entirely new picture … now they have two!  If they had used the Save command instead, it would have applied the edits to the one existing photo. See Article: To Save or Not to Save Also: Different Ways to Save […]

  10. Sometimes my albums will display the number of files edited, e.g., “2 file(s) edited”, which usually disappears once I click on “save to disk”. However, every now and then, I see a message like “2 file(s) edited”, but when I click on “save to disk”, nothing happens.

    What’s more, when I edit say 3 more files, the message becomes “5 file(s) edited”, but when I click on “save to disk”, the progress bar only shows 3 files being saved, and when the save is done, the “2 file(s) edited” message still remains.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  11. This is the easiest explanation of the different Save functions I have ever read. Clear, no complicated, hard to understand computer talk. Any one can understand this.
    I use “Save As” before I leave Picasa if I want to add picture frames or special effects in another program.
    However, there are two items I am not sure about. I cannot find the “Save All Edits” function you talk about and you did not mention “Save to Disk”. When I edit a pic and then “Save to Disk”, does this over ride the original or do the two show side by side? I used to have them showing side by side on my hard drive but I now forget how I did it!!!
    Thanks for you tips.Margaret

    • oops – it doesn’t say, ‘Save All Edits’ … What I’m referring to is the button in the upper right above each folder – “Save to Disk” ## files edited. When you click the button it will Save all the edits that have been made to photos in the whole folder.
      When you save to disk, it does overwrite the file on disk, BUT it saves the original in a hidden folder. Watching the video explains it best.

  12. Thank you for this tip. I also want to know, when I save the changes to the picture – is it saved in my file folder in the My Pictures in My Documents?

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