Aug 202009

Our motorhome is currently parked in Salem, Massachusetts. A little city park called Winter Island. We’re using this home base to sightsee in the area, including Boston. For our day in Boston, we decided to take the ferry. Nothing better than a boat ride to start the day, and what a great way to see Boston for the first time! See our blog post on this wonderful day.

The weather was setting record highs … 95 degrees, and there was a lot of haze or smog in the air. You couldn’t even see the skyline of Boston until we were almost right on it! Not a good day for taking pictures.  I was glad I had my SLR camera with a Polarizing filter, that helps cut thru the haze a bit.  Jim has a little Nikon point and shoot (no filters) – I figured my pictures would be much better than his!

But with just a few clicks in Picasa – here’s Jim’s picture:


Before and after Picasa

Here’s what he did:

  1. Basic Fixes: Straighten
  2. Effects: Sharpen
  3. Tuning: Increase Shadows*
  4. Tuning: Increase Highlights*
  5. Basic Fixes: Add Text

*I’m Feeling Lucky does almost as good, with one click, as increasing shadows and highlights.

The ‘before’ picture I wouldn’t want to show anyone.  The ‘after’ picture proudly went on our blog!

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  2 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Cut thru the Haze”

  1. Got any ideas on how to make this NM soil look as red in the pics as it does to the eye. I’ve been playing with camera setting and Picasa, just wondered what you had for ideas.
    Have a great day

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