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If you have a Facebook page – you may want to upload photos from Picasa to Facebook.

The long way is to prepare your photos in Picasa and Export them to a separate folder.  Then, using Facebook’s upload utility, you can select all the photos in that folder.
see Video: Member Tutorial Video: Exporting Pictures for Use in AnotherProgram

The short way is to download a third party tool called Picasa Uploader.  The purpose of this program is to add a button to the bottom row of buttons in Picasa.  It is a Facebook button and it will work like all the others.  Simply select the photos you want to upload to Facebook, click the facebook button, and follow the prompts.

Here’s the step-by-step: Go to the  Picasa Uploader page, and click on the big button to Install Now.’  Follow the prompts and click ‘Allow’ or ‘Yes’ or ‘Ok’ for any messages that come up.  Shortly you should see the ‘Configure Buttons’ screen.  Click on the Facebook Button and click ‘Add>>


When you click OK, you should see the Facebook button at the bottom of your screen with all the other Picasa buttons.  To get back to that ‘Configure Buttons’ screen in order to add, remove, or rearrange your buttons, click on the Tools menu and ‘Configure buttons.’

So, for example, if you don’t have enough screen room for all of them, you might want to remove the BlogThis! button (I never use that one because it limits me to 4 pictures). To change the order of the buttons, click on a button to move, then click on the Move Up or Move Down button.  To clean up the buttons and return to basic Picasa, click on ‘Reset to Defaults.’

Now you should have a Facebook button at the bottom of your Picasa screen.  To upload photos to Facebook, simply select them and click that button!


The first time you do this, you will need to log in with your Facebook username and password.  Then you should see a screen where you can specify an existing Facebook album, or make a new one.  You can also specify whether the album should be private or public.


The final step is to ‘Approve’ all your photos.  Be sure they are all selected, then click ‘Approve Selected Photos.’


If you’ve ever tried to use Facebook’s album feature, you can appreciate how much easier this is!  Although I’m not a big fan of Facebook, so many people use it, that it’s become almost a necessity.  The connections that are made on Facebook just by the sheer volume of people who use it are quite impressive.

With this great plug-in tool, at least the photo album part of Facebook has become *very* easy.  The Picasa Facebook button takes care of resizing your photos appropriately, it also keeps your Picasa caption and displays it on the Facebook album.  This button works on both Windows and Macintosh versions of Picasa.

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  33 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Picasa to Facebook”

  1. The facebook album thing is a real pain.
    either a new album is needed every posting or comment and so on get linked to old photos. I don’t understand why the album. Is required when posting just a few photos.

  2. Keep getting “invalid key” when I load pic from P3 to FB

  3. Good write-up!

    I am a developer thinking of creating software that improves the Picasa 2 Facebook experience. It would upload high-res photos, remove the 70 picture limit, and be more reliable instead of leaving you to clean up when uploads fail. If anyone is interested, please show it by visiting http://launch.p2fb.com.

    Tyler Collier

    • Thanks for the heads up! An improvement I would like to see is the ability to post the photos to one of my Facebook Pages, not just to my personal profile.

  4. Nice Tip… Thanks a lot

  5. this app/plugin sucked from day one. Facebook sucks too.
    Just sharing my fabulous opinion.

  6. I downloaded the picasa to facebook uploader which it did upload but it didn’t put the facebook button on the bottom of my picasa page. I click on the button that tells you that you have to press it to get it on picasa but nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled it 4-5 times and get the same result each time I reinstall. Any ideas?

  7. i’m currently trying to download the facebook button for picasa 3 and when i go and click on install it says it might have to install adobe air which i already have and i click continue and then it gives a download error, it does this everytime. So i try to manually install it and it downloads but when i go to open it, it’s opens up as a picture and it says invalid image…my wife would like to upload photos to facebook through using this shortcut…..she has been having problems saving the images to the computer and going on facebook and uploading them and the pictures not uploading onto facebook with the effects she created. someone help please, jprins13@hotmail.com

  8. I couldn’t get it to upload my picasa albums to my business page but interestingly it DID upload them to the (no longer accessible) profile that I had migrated to a page from. So all the albums I had on my charities profile page before I followed Facebook’s instructions to migrate to a business page (because we had to) which did not migrate are still in existence somewhere in the net but Facebook would not let me ‘share’ them to my Page wall and I can only access/see these albums when logged on as me…
    If anybody finds a solution to this – please put me down on that mailing list!!

  9. Hi, I keep getting the following message whe I try to upload anything “Application’s Activity Privacy for User is not sufficient to perform this action”

    I uploaded 15 photo’s but it refused two of them. Ever since, I cannot upload any photo’s to facebook at all. Help please?

    Thank you.

  10. When I go to upload it says waiting for reply…then goes to gateway time out. It has been doing this all day. Why?

  11. how can i upload photos in my pages via picasa??????

    • did you ever get an answer to this? I’m having the same problem!

    • As far as I know – you can’t upload to your page. That would be a function that would be programmed into the plugin. Right now the plugin can just upload to your personal profile for your account. Some apps are starting to recognize pages. For example, Android facebook app has recently added the ability to upload pic to your page.

  12. Hey! This seems to install and work great, so thank you. I’m just curious, why does this plugin need access to all my facebook contact info?

    “Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.”

    Seem like I should just be able to give this plugin access to my pictures, and have done with it. Is this part of the recompense for the app? (i.e. you’re selling mine and others’ contact data to marketing organizations?)

    • Totally agree. Nothing said till ready to use the “button” then asks for all of the above. I simply refuse to give any more information about myself. The request for more information should be BEFORE THE INSTALLATION. Sneaky trick.

  13. Hi Chris and Jim,

    I hope you’re well. I’m Jonathan the PM for Google Photos. I’ve heard from the gang here and have now had a look myself….at some of the great work you’re doing with Picasa. How cool and unique that many of the Picasa trainings and workshops you do are at and for the RV community. I love the fact that you’re teaching others how easy it can be to have fun with photos. Thanks for doing all that you do

  14. It doesn’t seem to work for me. It goes through a process where it is “posting” the pictures, but I never get the option to select an album or approve the photos on Facebook, and the pictures never appear…

    • hmmm, I dunno … I would try rebooting. I would also check that you have a good Internet connection.

    • I am having the same issue on MBP running OSX, It never ask for the login confirmation, or Albums or it’s permission, it start with preparing the picture then goes to posting and nothing happens. in mean while i am also logged in FB on the Chrome I am using. Any ideas ?

  15. I cannot upload to an existing album. It shows them, but they cannot be selected. The only option I have is to create a new album. This makes the whole thing useless to me.


    • Don’t know. But, one thing to check, be sure you’re logged in properly on the web – to the correct web album. Try uploading from the Web album instead of from Picasa and see if that works.

  16. I had to manually download it, since it did not recognize that I had the latest Picasa version and the button was grayed out for me even after reinstalling Picasa.

    It downloaded a zip file called

    I exported it into the buttons folder in Picasa 3
    C:Program FilesGooglePicasa3buttons

    It exported 2 files

    I found it strange that it did not export one PBZ file as that was the format for the rest of the buttons.

    After this, it appeared within configure buttons in Picasa but did not have an icon and did not allow me to add it to my buttons.

    I realized you are not supposed to export the zip file but simply delete the .zip extension on the file name and it will work just fine.

    This is not documented anywhere….

  17. when i press the install now thing nothing happens…help!

    • My guess is that your browser is blocking it. Look at the top of your screen for a message saying ‘click here to temporarily allow …’

    • The same thing happened for me at first with my Mac, then I opened and signed into Facebook in another window, and opened Picasa and the download button worked. I think it was opening Picasa 3 that did the trick. Hope this helps. DJ

  18. I tried to do this with a business page, and it didn’t work for me.

  19. But how to upload videos directly from Picasa to Facebook?

    • How do you upload/download a video from Picasa to Facebook?

      • The Picasa uploader only works with pictures, not videos. To upload a video to Facebook, you need to use the Facebook tool … click the Video link above the publishing box on any Facebook News Feed or Profile (Wall) page, then Upload from computer.

  20. That was easy enough. Thanks. Are your toes starting to grow together to be web feet? We’ve had more rain this June than I can ever remember! NOW, it’s going to be hotter than hell and humid but they saw it’s good for the corn.

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