Apr 222009

You may have discovered how easy it is to add a few words to your photo using Picasa 3’s Text tool.  But, did you know you can write complete paragraphs?(Member Tutorial Video:24.Adding Text to Pictures)


You need to know that the text will not wordwrap, so you must end each line with Enter.  It also helps to have a solid background for the paragraph.  But, notice that you can control both the fill color and the outline color of the text.  If you play around with making the fill a light color and the outline dark (or vice versa depending on your background), you can usually make the text pretty readable.



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  3 Responses to “Picasa Tip: Using the text tool”

  1. the text tool is poor. wordwrap and background fill are basi essential, doh !

  2. Liked your hint on the paragraph printing today. I always mix up the outline color and the fill color and have to try them to get it right.

    F week or so ago I gave your web site to a man here in Sun City. He is is gradually picking up on Picasa. He couldn’t find the JOIN button but I think we steered him in the right direction. He did say he had trouble printing some of your pages but I have not checked it out yet. If there REALLY is a problem, I will let you know.

  3. Will a wordwrap feature being worked on and be available in the future? J

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